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CompTIA FC0-U61 Exam

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Question 1
Which of the following is primarily a confidentiality concern?

Question 2
A software developer develops a software program and writes a document with step-by-step instructions on how to use the software. The developer wants to ensure no other person or company will publish this document for public use. Which of the following should the developer use to BEST protect the document?

Question 3
Which of the following database concepts would MOST likely use a CSV file?

Question 4
A help desk technician encounters an issue and wants to find out if a colleague has encountered the same issue before. Which of the following should the technician do FIRST?

Question 5
Which of the following BEST describes the practice of providing user credentials when logging onto the network?

Question 6
Which of the following allows wireless devices to communicate to a wired network?

Question 7
Which of the following computing devices would be used to provide a centralized means to distribute services to a group of clients and usually possesses a role on a LAN?

Question 8
Which of the following describes something in a database that refers to the unique identifier in the parent table?

Question 9
For which of the following is a relational database management system MOST commonly used?

Question 10
Which of the following BEST describes an application running on a typical operating system?