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CompTIA CV0-003 Exam

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Question 21
A systems administrator is troubleshooting network throughput issues following a deployment. The network is currently being overwhelmed by the amount of traffic between the database and the web servers in the environment. Which of the following should the administrator do to resolve this issue?
A. Set up affinity rules to keep web and database servers on the same hypervisor.
B. Enable jumbo frames on the gateway.
C. Move the web and database servers onto the same VXLAN.
D. Move the servers onto thick-provisioned storage.

Question 22
An update is being deployed to a web application, and a systems administrator notices the cloud SQL database has stopped running. The VM is responding to pings, and there were not any configuration changes scheduled for the VM. Which of the following should the administrator check NEXT?
A. Logs on the VM
B. Firewall on the VM
C. Memory on the VM
D. vGPU performance on the VM

Question 23
A company is concerned about the security of its data repository that contains customer PII. A systems administrator is asked to deploy a security control that will prevent the exfiltration of such data. Which of the following should the systems administrator implement?

Question 24
An engineer is responsible for configuring a new firewall solution that will be deployed in a new public cloud environment. All traffic must pass through the firewall.
The SLA for the firewall is 99.
999%. Which of the following should be deployed?
A. Two load balancers behind a single firewall
B. Firewalls in a blue-green configuration
C. Two firewalls in a HA configuration
D. A web application firewall

Question 25
After a hardware upgrade on a private cloud system, the systems administrator notices a considerable drop in network performance. Which of the following isMOST likely the cause?
A. The driver
B. The memory
C. The cluster placement
D. The CPU

Question 26
A systems administrator is trying to reduce storage consumption. Which of the following file types would benefit the MOST from compression?
A. System files
B. User backups
C. Relational database
D. Mail database

Question 27
A technician just received the lessons learned from some recent data that was lost due to an on-premises file-server crash. The action point is to change the backup strategy to minimize manual intervention. Which of the following is the BEST approach for the technician to implement?
A. Backup as a service
C. Long-term storage
D. New backup devices

Question 28
A marketing team is using a SaaS-based service to send emails to large groups of potential customers. The internally managed CRM system is configured to generate a list of target customers automatically on a weekly basis, and then use that list to send emails to each customer as part of a marketing campaign. Last week, the first email campaign sent emails successfully to 3,000 potential customers. This week, the email campaign attempted to send out 50,000 emails, but only 10,000 were sent. Which of the following is the MOST likely reason for not sending all the emails?
A. API request limit
B. Incorrect billing account
C. Misconfigured auto-scaling
D. Bandwidth limitation

Question 29
A developer is no longer able to access a public cloud API deployment, which was working ten minutes prior. Which of the following is MOST likely the cause?
A. API provider rate limiting
B. Invalid API token
C. Depleted network bandwidth
D. Invalid API request

Question 30
A support engineer wants to prevent users from running malware on several IaaS compute instances. Which of the following will BEST achieve this objective?
A. Encrypt all applications that users should not access.
B. Set the execute filesystem permissions on the desired applications only.
C. Implement an application whitelisting policy.
D. Disable file sharing on the instance.