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CompTIA CS0-002 Exam

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Question 21
A security team implemented a SIEM as part of its security-monitoring program. There is a requirement to integrate a number of sources into the SIEM to provide better context relative to the events being processed. Which of the following BEST describes the result the security team hopes to accomplish by adding these sources?
A. Data enrichment
B. Continuous integration
C. Machine learning
D. Workflow orchestration

Question 22
Which of the following organizational initiatives would be MOST impacted by data sovereignty issues?
A. Moving to a cloud-based environment
B. Migrating to locally hosted virtual servers
C. Implementing non-repudiation controls
D. Encrypting local database queries

Question 23
A help desk technician inadvertently sent the credentials of the company's CRM in cleartext to an employee's personal email account. The technician then reset the employee's account using the appropriate process and the employee's corporate email, and notified the security team of the incident. According to the incident response procedure, which of the following should the security team do NEXT?
A. Contact the CRM vendor.
B. Prepare an incident summary report.
C. Perform postmortem data correlation.
D. Update the incident response plan.

Question 24
Which of the following is MOST dangerous to the client environment during a vulnerability assessment/penetration test?
A. There is a longer period of time to assess the environment.
B. The testing is outside the contractual scope.
C. There is a shorter period of time to assess the environment.
D. No status reports are included with the assessment.

Question 25
An organization is adopting IoT devices at an increasing rate and will need to account for firmware updates in its vulnerability management programs. Despite the number of devices being deployed, the organization has only focused on software patches so far, leaving hardware-related weaknesses open to compromise.
Which of the following best practices will help the organization to track and deploy trusted firmware updates as part of its vulnerability management programs?
A. Utilize threat intelligence to guide risk evaluation activities and implement critical updates after proper testing.
B. Apply all firmware updates as soon as they are released to mitigate the risk of compromise.
C. Sign up for vendor emails and create firmware update change plans for affected devices.
D. Implement an automated solution that detects when vendors release firmware updates and immediately deploy updates to production.

Question 26
A company's blocklist has outgrown the current technologies in place. The ACLs are at maximum, and the IPS signatures only allow a certain amount of space for domains to be added, creating the need for multiple signatures. Which of the following configuration changes to the existing controls would be the MOST appropriate to improve performance?
A. Implement a host-file-based solution that will use a list of all domains to deny for all machines on the network.
B. Create an IDS for the current blocklist to determine which domains are showing activity and may need to be removed.
C. Review the current blocklist and prioritize it based on the level of threat severity. Add the domains with the highest severity to the blocklist and remove the lower-severity threats from it.
D. Review the current blocklist to determine which domains can be removed from the list and then update the ACLs and IPS signatures.

Question 27
HOTSPOT -A security analyst suspects that a workstation may be beaconing to a command and control server.
Inspect the logs from the company's web proxy server and the firewall to determine the best course of action to take in order to neutralize the threat with minimum impact to the organization.
INSTRUCTIONS -Modify the Firewall Access Control rule to mitigate the issue.
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Question 28
SIMULATION -Approximately 100 employees at your company have received a phishing email. As a security analyst, you have been tasked with handling this situation.
INSTRUCTIONS -Review the information provided and determine the following:
1. How many employees clicked on the link in the phishing email?
2. On how many workstations was the malware installed?
3. What is the executable file name of the malware?
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Question 29
A company is experiencing a malware attack within its network. A security engineer notices many of the impacted assets are connecting outbound to a number of remote destinations and exfiltrating data. The security engineer also sees that deployed, up-to-date antivirus signatures are ineffective. Which of the following is the BEST approach to prevent any impact to the company from similar attacks in the future?
A. IDS signatures
B. Data loss prevention
C. Port security
D. Sinkholing

Question 30
The steering committee for information security management annually reviews the security incident register for the organization to look for trends and systematic issues. The steering committee wants to rank the risks based on past incidents to improve the security program for next year. Below is the incident register for the organization:
Which of the following should the organization consider investing in FIRST due to the potential impact of availability?
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A. Hire a managed service provider to help with vulnerability management
B. Build a warm site in case of system outages
C. Invest in a failover and redundant system, as necessary
D. Hire additional staff for the IT department to assist with vulnerability management and log review