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CompTIA 220-1102 Exam

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Question 11
A laptop user is visually impaired and requires a different cursor color. Which of the following OS utilities is used to change the color of the cursor?
A. Keyboard
B. Touch pad
C. Ease of Access Center
D. Display settings

Question 12
A manager reports that staff members often forget the passwords to their mobile devices and applications. Which of the following should the systems administrator do to reduce the number of help desk tickets submitted?
A. Enable multifactor authentication.
B. Increase the failed log-in threshold.
C. Remove complex password requirements.
D. Implement a single sign-on with biometrics.

Question 13
A technician suspects a rootkit has been installed and needs to be removed. Which of the following would BEST resolve the issue?
A. Application updates
B. Anti-malware software
C. OS reinstallation
D. File restore

Question 14
A technician is setting up a SOHO wireless router. The router is about ten years old. The customer would like the most secure wireless network possible. Which of the following should the technician configure?
A. WPA2 with TKIP
B. WPA2 with AES
C. WPA3 with AES-256
D. WPA3 with AES-128

Question 15
A technician is troubleshooting an issue involving programs on a Windows 10 machine that are loading on startup but causing excessive boot times. Which of the following should the technician do to selectively prevent programs from loading?
A. Right-click the Windows button, then select Run... entering shell:startup and clicking OK, and then move items one by one to the Recycle Bin.
B. Remark out entries listed HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>SOFTWARE>Microsoft>Windows>CurrentVersion>Run.
C. Manually disable all startup tasks currently listed as enabled and reboot, checking for issue resolution at startup.
D. Open the Startup tab and methodically disable items currently listed as enabled and reboot, checking for issue resolution at each startup.

Question 16
A call center technician receives a call from a user asking how to update Windows. Which of the following describes what the technician should do?
A. Have the user consider using an iPad if the user is unable to complete updates.
B. Have the user text the user's password to the technician.
C. Ask the user to click in the Search field, type Check for Updates, and then press the Enter key.
D. Advise the user to wait for an upcoming, automatic patch.

Question 17
When a user calls in to report an issue, a technician submits a ticket on the user's behalf. Which of the following practices should the technician use to make sure the ticket is associated with the correct user?
A. Have the user provide a callback phone number to be added to the ticket.
B. Assign the ticket to the department's power user.
C. Register the ticket with a unique user identifier.
D. Provide the user with a unique ticket number that can be referenced on subsequent calls.

Question 18
Which of the following is the MOST important environmental concern inside a data center?
A. Battery disposal
B. Electrostatic discharge mats
C. Toner disposal
D. Humidity levels

Question 19
A user is unable to log in to the network. The network uses 802.
1X with EAP-TLS to authenticate on the wired network. The user has been on an extended leave and has not logged in to the computer in several months. Which of the following is causing the log-in issue?
A. Expired certificate
B. OS update failure
C. Service not started
D. Application crash
E. Profile rebuild needed

Question 20
A technician needs to format a USB drive to transfer 20GB of data from a Linux computer to a Windows computer. Which of the following filesystems will the technician MOST likely use?
A. FAT32
B. ext4
D. exFAT