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CompTIA 220-1102 Exam

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Question 21
Following the latest Windows update, PDF files are opening in Microsoft Edge instead of Adobe Reader. Which of the following utilities should be used to ensure all PDF files open in Adobe Reader?

Question 22
A technician needs to exclude an application folder from being cataloged by a Windows 10 search. Which of the following utilities should be used?

Question 23
As part of a CYOD policy, a systems administrator needs to configure each user's Windows device to require a password when resuming from a period of sleep or inactivity. Which of the following paths will lead the administrator to the correct settings?

Question 24
A technician is working with a company to determine the best way to transfer sensitive personal information between offices when conducting business. The company currently uses USB drives and is resistant to change. The company's compliance officer states that all media at rest must be encrypted. Which of the following would be the BEST way to secure the current workflow?

Question 25
The command cat comptia.
txt was issued on a Linux terminal. Which of the following results should be expected?

Question 26
An incident handler needs to preserve evidence for possible litigation. Which of the following will the incident handler MOST likely do to preserve the evidence?

Question 27
A technician needs to recommend the best backup method that will mitigate ransomware attacks. Only a few files are regularly modified; however, storage space is a concern. Which of the following backup methods would BEST address these concerns?

Question 28
A technician is troubleshooting a customer's PC and receives a phone call. The technician does not take the call and sets the phone to silent. Which of the following BEST describes the technician's actions?

Question 29
A technician needs to transfer a large number of files over an unreliable connection. The technician should be able to resume the process if the connection is interrupted. Which of the following tools can be used?

Question 30
A company installed a new backup and recovery system. Which of the following types of backups should be completed FIRST?