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CompTIA 220-1101 Exam

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Question 21
A technician is receiving reports that the entire office sporadically loses network connectivity throughout the day. The technician determines the root cause to beEMI. Which of the following cable mediums would be the MOST cost effective without sacrificing system performance?
A. Coaxial
B. Shielded Cat 6
C. Plenum Cat 5e
D. Multimode fiber

Question 22
An organization maintains various record types, including health and criminal justice records. Which of the following cloud environments is the organization MOST likely to use to limit the attack surface?
A. Public
B. Hybrid
C. Community
D. Private

Question 23
Which of the following describes metered utilization of cloud resources?
A. Resources provisioned instantly
B. Payments made only for resources that are used
C. Resources pooled to increase computing power
D. Implementation of rapid elasticity

Question 24
A user on a SOHO network is unable to watch online videos, even at 240 pixels. The technician runs ipconfig from the user's computer and records the following:
Connection-specific DNS Suffix .: lan
Link-local IPV6 Address.........: fe80::1585:7fb2:b05f:7102%12
IPv4 Address....................:
Subnet Mask.....................:
Default Gateway.................:
The technician then connects a test laptop to the router via the user's Cat 5 cable and records the following information:
Download: 85 mbps -
Upload: 22 mbps -
Ping: 28 ms -
Which of the following is MOST likely causing the user's issue?
A. Incorrect IP address
B. Faulty NIC
C. Misconfigured default gateway
D. Bad network cable

Question 25
A colleague has a laptop that has been working as expected for several years, but the laptop now has a small bulge in the bottom casing and overheats occasionally while plugged in to a wall outlet. The MOST likely component that needs to be replaced is the:
A. power adapter.
B. battery.
C. system fan.
D. hard drive.

Question 26
A company just bought a printer capable of automatically printing on both sides of the paper. After installation, however, the technician can only print on both sides of the paper manually. Which of the following should the technician do to fix the issue?
A. Install the most recent firmware upgrade available for the printer.
B. Contact the vendor for a hardware replacement.
C. Reinstall the printer software and drivers, and then restart the printer.
D. Read the installation manual and configure duplex settings.

Question 27
A small office has a wireless network with several access points for roaming laptop use. Users occasionally report that the wireless connection drops or becomes very slow. Users have confirmed that this issue only happens when connected to the office wireless network. Which of the following would MOST likely be the cause?
A. Hidden SSID
B. Device interference
C. Ethernet port flapping
D. High ISP latency

Question 28
Which of the following cloud models maintains access, even when a local internet outage occurs?
A. Private
B. SaaS
C. Community
D. Public

Question 29
A user is researching hard drives to upgrade a PC and has decided to purchase a NVMe drive. Which of the following should the user confirm are available on thePC before making the purchase? (Choose two.)
B. M.2
C. PCIe.

Question 30
A laptop has been returned for a screen repair. The owner insists the screen is broken, but occasionally a faded image is able to be seen in very bright settings on the desktop. Which of the following steps should the repair technician take FIRST?
A. Replace the graphics card.
B. Replace the screen, as the customer insists.
C. Recommend the usage of an external display instead.
D. Ensure the backlight is functioning as expected.