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CompTIA 220-1101 Exam

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Question 61
A company wants to give third-party developers access to the corporate network through desktop environments that the company can control. Which of the following can BEST achieve these requirements?

Question 62
A technician needs to fix a Cat 5 cable issue. The cable, which is connected to a network jack, fails when it is moved around. Which of the following items must the technician use to fix the issue? (Choose two.)

Question 63
A user acquired a new workstation and is attempting to open multiple large Excel files simultaneously. The user is not experiencing the expected performance when executing such large requests. Which of the following should a technician do FIRST?

Question 64
Which of the following utilizes TCP ports 20/21 and transfers data in cleartext?

Question 65
An organization is looking to upgrade the processing ability for its computers. Most users report that whenever multiple applications are being utilized, the system's response time slows down drastically. When only one application is open, the response time is acceptable. Which of the following should be upgradedFIRST?

Question 66
Client-side virtualization guest machines have security requirements similar to physical machines, but they also need to ensure separation from other guest machines. Which of the following BEST describes this client-side guest security requirement?

Question 67
A user connects a smartphone to a laptop. Which of the following types of networks has the user created?

Question 68
Recently, an organization received a number of spam emails that passed through the spam gateway. These emails contained generally the same information, but the sending domains were different. Which of the following solutions would BEST help mitigate the issue?