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Cisco 400-007 Exam

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Question 11
SDWAN networks capitalize the usage of broadband Internet links over traditional MPLS links to offer more cost benefits to enterprise customers. However, due to the insecure nature of the public Internet, it is mandatory to use encryption of traffic between any two SDWAN edge devices installed behind NAT gateways.Which overlay method can provide optimal transport over unreliable underlay networks that are behind NAT gateways?
C. IPsec

Question 12
Company XYZ wants to use the FCAPS ISO standard for network management design. The focus of the design should be to monitor and keep track of any performance issues by continuously collecting and analyzing statistical information to monitor, correct, and optimize any reduced responsiveness across the network. Which layer accomplishes this design requirement?
A. security management
B. performance management
C. accounting management
D. fault management

Question 13
Company XYZ has implemented policy-based routing in their network. Which potential problem must be kept in mind about network reconvergence and PBR?
A. It can limit network scalability.
B. It can create microloops during reconvergence.
C. It reduces convergence time.
D. It increases convergence time.

Question 14
SD-WAN can be used to provide secure connectivity to remote offices, branch offices, campus networks, data centers, and the cloud over any type of IP-based underlay transport network. Which two statements describe SD-WAN solutions? (Choose two.)
A. Control and data forwarding planes are kept separate.
B. Solutions allow for variations of commodity and specialized switching hardware.
C. SD-WAN networks are inherently protected against slow performance.
D. Solutions include centralized orchestration, control, and zero-touch provisioning.
E. Improved operational efficiencies result in cost savings.

Question 15
Company XYZ is in the process of identifying which transport mechanism(s) to use as their WAN technology. Their main two requirements are:* a technology that could offer DPI, SLA, secure tunnels, privacy, QoS, scalability, reliability, and ease of management* a technology that is cost-effectiveWhich WAN technology(ies) should be included in the design of company XYZ?
A. Both technologies should be used. Each should be used to back up the other one; where the primary links are MPLS, the Internet should be used as a backup link with IPsec (and vice versa).
B. MPLS meets all these requirements and it is more reliable than using the Internet. It is widely used with clearly defined best practices and an industry standard.
C. Software-defined WAN should be the preferred choice because it complements both technologies, covers all the required features, and it is the most cost- effective solution.
D. Internet should be the preferred option because it is cost effective and supports BFD, IP SLA, and IPsec for secure transport over the public Internet.

Question 16
Refer to the diagram. Which solution must be used to send traffic from the foreign wireless LAN controller to the anchor wireless LAN controller?
Image 400-007_16Q.png related to the Cisco 400-007 Exam
A. Send packets without encapsulation to the anchor controller over the routed network.
B. Encapsulate packets into an EoIP tunnel and send them to the anchor controller.
C. Send packets from the foreign controller to the anchor controller via Layer 3 MPLS VPN or VRF-Lite.
D. Send packets from the foreign controller to the anchor controller via IPinIP or IPsec tunnel.

Question 17
The Company XYZ network is experiencing attacks against their router. Which type of Control Plane Protection must be used on the router to protect all control plane IP traffic that is destined directly for one of the router interfaces?
A. Control Plane Protection transit subinterface
B. Control Plane Protection host subinterface
C. Control Plane Protection CEF-exception subinterface
D. Control Plane Protection main interface

Question 18
An architect designs a multi-controller network architecture with these requirements:* Achieve fast failover to control traffic when controllers fail.* Yield a short distance and high resiliency in the connection between the switches and the controller.* Reduce connectivity loss and enable smart recovery to improve the SDN survivability.* Improve connectivity by adding path diversity and capacity awareness for controllers.Which control plane component of the multi-controller must be built to meet the requirements?
A. control node reliability
B. control path reliability
C. controller state consistency
D. controller clustering

Question 19
Which two control plane policer designs must be considered to achieve high availability? (Choose two.)
A. Control plane policers are really needed only on externally facing devices.
B. Control plane policers can cause the network management systems to create false alarms.
C. Control plane policers require that adequate protocols overhead are factored in to allow protocol convergence.
D. Control plane policers must be processed before a forwarding decision is made.
E. Control plane policers are enforced in hardware to protect the software path, but they are hardware platform-dependent in terms of classification ability.

Question 20
A small organization of 20 employees is looking to deliver a network design service for modernizing customer networks to support advanced solutions.* Project scope and weekly progress should be visualized by the management.* Always consider feedback and make changes accordingly during the project.* Should consider flexibility to change scope at the point of time.Which project methodology meets the requirements and have the least impact on the outcome?
B. Six-Sigma
C. Scrum
D. Kanban

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