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Cisco 350-801 Exam

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Question 81
Refer to the exhibit. The SDP offer/answer has been completed successfully but there is no DTMF when users press keys. What is the cause of the issue?
Image 350-801_81Q.png related to the Cisco 350-801 Exam
A. DTMF was negotiated properly in these messages.
B. G.729 rather than G.711ulaw was negotiated.
C. Payload type 110 was negotiated rather than type 101.
D. DTMF was not negotiated on the call.

Question 82
Which two types of device are supported by the Bulk Administration Tool? (Choose two.)
A. H.322
B. Cisco Unified IP phones (all models)
C. SIP trunks
D. H.225 trunks
E. music on hold servers

Question 83
You are adding regions in Cisco Unified Communications Manager. Which codec(s) are selected when a call is placed if you set up the max audio bit rate to use 8 kbps?
A. G.729
B. G.729 and G.711ulaw
C. G.711ulaw and G.711alaw
D. G.722

Question 84
How can an administrator stop Cisco Unified Communications Manager from advertising the OPUS codec for recording enabled devices?
A. Route recorded calls through Cisco Unified Border Element because it does not support OPUS.
B. Go to the phone’s configuration page and set “Advertise OPUS Codec” to be “false”.
C. Integrate the Cisco Unified CM with 3 recording solution that does not support OPUS.
D. In CUCM Service Parameters set “Opus Codec Enabled” to “Enabled for all Devices Except Recording-Enabled Devices.”

Question 85
An engineer must manually provision a Cisco IP Phone 8845 using SIP. Which two fields must be configured for a successful provision? (Choose two.)
A. __cpLocation
B. media resources group list
C. SIP profile
E. device security profile

Question 86
Refer to the exhibit. When making a call to a MRA client, what are the combinations of protocol on each of the different sections A-B-C?
Image 350-801_86Q.png related to the Cisco 350-801 Exam

Question 87
An engineer is configuring a Cisco Unified Border Element to allow the video endpoints to negotiate without the Cisco Unified Border Element interfering in the process. What should the engineer configure on the Cisco Unified Border Element to support this process?
A. Configure codec transparent on the dial peers.
B. Configure a transcoder for video protocols.
C. Configure a hardcoded codec on the dial peers.
D. Configure pass-thru content sdp on the voice service. Most Voted

Question 88
Due to service provider restriction, Cisco UCM cannot send video in the SDP. Which two options on Cisco UCM are configured to suppress video in the SDP in outgoing invites? (Choose two.)
A. Set Video Bandwidth in the Region settings to 0.
B. Check the Send send-receive SDP in mid-call INVITE check box on the SIP trunk SIP profile.
C. Change the Video Capabilities dropdown on the endpoint to Disabled.
D. Add the audio forced command to voice service VoIP on the Cisco Unified Border Element.
E. Check the Retry Video Call as Audio on the SIP trunk.

Question 89
A Cisco IP Phone 7841 that is registered to a Cisco UCM with default configuration receives a call setup message. Which codec is negotiated when the SDP offer includes this line of text? m=audio 49181 RTP/AVP 0 8 97
A. G.711alaw
C. G.722
D. G.711ulaw

Question 90
Endpoint A is attempting to call endpoint B. Endpoint A only supports G.711ulaw with a packetization rate of 20 ms, and endpoint B supports packetization rate of30 ms for G.711ulaw. Which two media resources are allocated to normalize packetization rates through transrating? (Choose two.)
A. software transcoder on Cisco UCM
B. hardware transcoder on Cisco IOS Software
C. software MTP on Cisco IOS Software
D. software MTP on Cisco UCM Most Voted
E. hardware MTP on Cisco IOS Software Most Voted

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