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Cisco 350-801 Exam

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Question 61
Refer to the exhibit.A collaboration engineer configures Cisco UCM to act as a DHCP server. What must be done next to configure the DHCP server?
Image 350-801_61Q.png related to the Cisco 350-801 Exam
A. Restart the TFTP service under Cisco Unified Serviceability.
B. Add a DHCP subnet to the DHCP server under Cisco UCM Administration. Most Voted
C. Add the new DHCP server to the primary DNS server.
D. Restart the Cisco DHCP Monitor Service under Cisco Unified Serviceability.

Question 62
What are two features of Cisco Expressway that the customer gets if Expressway-׀¡ and Expressway-E are deployed? (Choose two.)
A. session-based access to comprehensive collaboration for remote workers, without the need for a separate VPN client
B. highly secure firewall-traversal technology to extend organizational reach
C. complete endpoint registration and monitoring capabilities for devices that are local and remote
D. additional visibility of the edge traffic in an organization
E. utilization and adoption metrics of all remotely connected devices

Question 63
What is a capability of Cisco Expressway?
A. It functions as an analog telephony adapter.
B. It provides access to on-premises Cisco Unified Communications infrastructure for remote endpoints.
C. It has remote endpoint enrollment with Certificate Authority Proxy Function.
D. It gives directory access for remote users via Cisco Directory Integration

Question 64
Refer to the exhibit.A collaboration engineer needs to replace the original, single NTP server that was configured during the initial install of a Cisco UCM server. What is the first step to accomplish this task?
Image 350-801_64Q.png related to the Cisco 350-801 Exam
A. Stop the NTP service on Cisco UCM.
B. Enable NTP authentication for the new NTP server on Cisco UCM.
C. Restart the NTP service on Cisco UCM.
D. Delete the original NTP server from Cisco UCM.

Question 65
Refer to the exhibit.A collaboration engineer adds a redundant NTP server to an existing Cisco Collaboration solution. On the Cisco UCM OS Administration page, the new NTP server shows as `Not Accessible`. Which action resolves this issue?
Image 350-801_65Q.png related to the Cisco 350-801 Exam
A. Delete and re-add the new NTP server via the Cisco UCM command-line interface.
B. Start the NTP service on the new NTP server.
C. Configure the "reach" value as "377" for the new NTP server.
D. Restart NTPD on the Cisco UCM server.

Question 66
Which action is required for a firewall configuration on a Mobile and Remote Access through Cisco Expressway deployment?
A. The external firewall must allow these inbound connections to Expressway: SIP: TCP 5061: HTTPS: TCP 8443; XMPP: TCP 5222; Media: UDP 36002 to 59999.
B. The internal firewall must allow these inbound and outbound connections between Expressway-׀¡ and Expressway-E: SIP: HTTPS (tunneled over SSH between ׀¡ and E): TCP 2222: TCP 7001; Traversal Media: UDP 2776 to 2777 (or 36000 to 36011 for large VM/appliance); XMPP: TCP 7400.
C. Do not use a shared address for Expressway-E and Expressway-׀¡, as the firewall cannot distinguish between them. If static NAT for IP addressing on Expressway-E is used, ensure that any NAT operation on Expressway-׀¡ does not resolve the same traffic IP address. Shared NAT is not supported.
D. The traversal zone on Expressway-׀¡ points to Expressway-E through the peer address field on the traversal zone, which specifies the Expressway-E server address. For dual NIC deployments, set the Expressway-E address using an FQDN that resolves the IP address of the internal interface.

Question 67
The IP phones at a customer site do not pick an IP address from the DHCP. An engineer must temporarily disable LLDP on all ports of the switch to leave onlyCDP. Which two commands accomplish this task? (Choose two.)
A. Switch(config)# no lldp transmit
B. Switch# configure terminal
C. Switch# copy running-config startup-config
D. Switch(config)# no lldp run
E. Switch(config)# interface GigabitEthernet1/0/1

Question 68
To provide high-quality voice and take advantage of the full voice feature set, which two access layer switches provide support? (Choose two.)
A. Use multiple egress queues to provide priority queuing of RTP voice packet streams and the ability to classify or reclassify traffic and establish a network trust boundary.
B. Deploy RSVP to improve VoIP QoS only where it can have a positive impact on quality and functionality where there is limited bandwidth and frequent network congestion.
C. Map audio and video streams of video calls (AF41 and AF42) to a class-based queue with weighted random early detection.
D. Use 802.1Q trunking and 802.1p for proper treatment of Layer 2 CoS packet marking on ports with phones connected.
E. Implement IP RTP header compression on the serial interface to reduce the bandwidth required per voice call on point-to-point links.

Question 69
A customer wants to conduct B2B video calls with a partner using an on-premises conferencing solution. Which two devices are needed to facilitate this request?(Choose two.)
A. Expressway-C
B. MGCP gateway
C. Cisco Unified Border Element
D. Cisco TelePresence Management Suite
E. Expressway-E

Question 70
A company wants to provide remote users with access to its on-premises Cisco collaboration features. Which components are required to enable Cisco Mobile and Remote Access for the users?
A. Cisco Unified Border Element, Cisco IM and Presence Server, and Cisco Video Communication Server
B. Cisco Unified Border Element, Cisco UCM, and Cisco Video Communication Server
C. Cisco Expressway-E, Cisco Expressway-C, and Cisco UCM
D. Cisco Expressway-E, Cisco IM and Presence Server, and Cisco Video Communication Server

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