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Cisco 350-701 Exam

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Question 51
Which type of dashboard does Cisco DNA Center provide for complete control of the network?
A. distributed management
B. service management
C. application management
D. centralized management

Question 52
Refer to the exhibit. What will happen when this Python script is run?
Image 350-701_52Q.png related to the Cisco 350-701 Exam
A. The list of computers, policies, and connector statuses will be received from Cisco AMP.
B. The list of computers and their current vulnerabilities will be received from Cisco AMP.
C. The compromised computers and malware trajectories will be received from Cisco AMP.
D. The compromised computers and what compromised them will be received from Cisco AMP.

Question 53
Refer to the exhibit. What will happen when the Python script is executed?
Image 350-701_53Q.png related to the Cisco 350-701 Exam
A. The hostname will be printed for the client in the client ID field.
B. The hostname will be translated to an IP address and printed.
C. The script will pull all computer hostnames and print them.
D. The script will translate the IP address to FQDN and print it.

Question 54
With which components does a southbound API within a software-defined network architecture communicate?
A. applications
B. controllers within the network
C. appliances
D. devices such as routers and switches

Question 55
Which method is used to deploy certificates and configure the supplicant on mobile devices to gain access to network resources?
A. BYOD onboarding Most Voted
B. MAC authentication bypass
C. client provisioning
D. Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol

Question 56
What are two characteristics of Cisco DNA Center APIs? (Choose two.)
A. They are Cisco proprietary.
B. They do not support Python scripts.
C. They view the overall health of the network. Most Voted
D. They quickly provision new devices. Most Voted
E. Postman is required to utilize Cisco DNA Center API calls.

Question 57
A company discovered an attack propagating through their network via a file. A custom file detection policy was created in order to track this in the future and ensure no other endpoints execute to infected file. In addition, it was discovered during testing that the scans are not detecting the file as an indicator of compromise. What must be done in order to ensure that the policy created is functioning as it should?
A. Create an IP block list for the website from which the file was downloaded.
B. Block the application that the file was using to open.
C. Upload the hash for the file into the policy. Most Voted
D. Send the file to Cisco Threat Grid for dynamic analysis.

Question 58
Refer to the exhibit. What does the Python script accomplish?
Image 350-701_58Q.png related to the Cisco 350-701 Exam
A. It authenticates to a Cisco ISE server using the username or ersad.
B. It lists the LDAP users from the external identity store configured on Cisco ISE.
C. It authenticates to a Cisco ISE with an SSH connection.
D. It allows authentication with TLSv1 SSL protocol.

Question 59
What is a difference between GETVPN and IPsec?
A. GETVPN is used to build a VPN network with multiple sites without having to statically configure all devices.
B. GETVPN is based on IKEv2 and does not support IKEv1.
C. GETVPN provides key management and security association management.
D. GETVPN reduces latency and provides encryption over MPLS without the use of a central hub.

Question 60
Which algorithm provides asymmetric encryption?
B. RC4

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