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Cisco 350-701 Exam

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Question 211
An organization has a Cisco ESA set up with DLP policies and would like to customize the action assigned for violations. The organization wants a copy of the message to be delivered with a message added to flag it as a DLP violation. Which actions must be performed in order to provide this capability?
A. deliver and add disclaimer text
B. quarantine and send a DLP violation notification
C. quarantine and alter the subject header with a DLP violation
D. deliver and send copies to other recipients

Question 212
A Cisco ESA administrator has been tasked with configuring the Cisco ESA to ensure there are no viruses before quarantined emails are delivered. In addition, delivery of mail from known bad mail servers must be prevented. Which two actions must be taken in order to meet these requirements? (Choose two.)
A. Deploy the Cisco ESA in the DMZ.
B. Use outbreak filters from SenderBase. Most Voted
C. Configure a recipient access table.
D. Enable a message tracking service.
E. Scan quarantined emails using AntiVirus signatures. Most Voted

Question 213
An organization has noticed an increase in malicious content downloads and wants to use Cisco Umbrella to prevent this activity for suspicious domains while allowing normal web traffic. Which action will accomplish this task?
A. Use destination block lists.
B. Configure application block lists.
C. Configure the intelligent proxy. Most Voted
D. Set content settings to High.

Question 214
Which attack is preventable by Cisco ESA but not by the Cisco WSA?
A. SQL injection
B. phishing
C. buffer overflow
D. DoS

Question 215
An organization recently installed a Cisco WSA and would like to take advantage of the AVC engine to allow the organization to create a policy to control application specific activity. After enabling the AVC engine, what must be done to implement this?
A. Use security services to configure the traffic monitor.
B. Use URL categorization to prevent the application traffic.
C. Use an access policy group to configure application control settings.
D. Use web security reporting to validate engine functionality.

Question 216
What is the role of Cisco Umbrella Roaming when it is installed on an endpoint?
A. to establish secure VPN connectivity to the corporate network
B. to enforce posture compliance and mandatory software
C. to ensure that assets are secure from malicious links on and off the corporate network
D. to protect the endpoint against malicious file transfers

Question 217
An administrator configures a Cisco WSA to receive redirected traffic over ports 80 and 443. The organization requires that a network device with specific WSA integration capabilities be configured to send the traffic to the WSA to proxy the requests and increase visibility, while making this invisible to the users. What must be done on the Cisco WSA to support these requirements?
A. Use PAC keys to allow only the required network devices to send the traffic to the Cisco WSA.
B. Configure transparent traffic redirection using WCCP in the Cisco WSA and on the network device.
C. Configure active traffic redirection using WPAD in the Cisco WSA and on the network device.
D. Use the Layer 4 setting in the Cisco WSA to receive explicit forward requests from the network device.

Question 218
An administrator configures a new destination list in Cisco Umbrella so that the organization can block specific domains for its devices. What should be done to ensure that all subdomains of domain.com are blocked?
A. Configure the domain.com address in the block list.
B. Configure the *.domain.com address in the block list.
C. Configure the *.com address in the block list.
D. Configure the *domain.com address in the block list.

Question 219
An organization wants to use Cisco FTD or Cisco ASA devices. Specific URLs must be blocked from being accessed via the firewall, which requires that the administrator input the bad URL categories that the organization wants blocked into the access policy. Which solution should be used to meet this requirement?
A. Cisco FTD because it enables URL filtering and blocks malicious URLs by default, whereas Cisco ASA does not.
B. Cisco ASA because it enables URL filtering and blocks malicious URLs by default, whereas Cisco FTD does not.
C. Cisco ASA because it includes URL filtering in the access control policy capabilities, whereas Cisco FTD does not.
D. Cisco FTD because it includes URL filtering in the access control policy capabilities, whereas Cisco ASA does not. Most Voted

Question 220
Which component of Cisco Umbrella architecture increases reliability of the service?
A. BGP route reflector
B. anycast IP Most Voted
C. AMP Threat Grid
D. Cisco Talos

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