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Cisco 350-701 Exam

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Question 111
What is a benefit of using Cisco FMC over Cisco ASDM?
A. Cisco FMC uses Java while Cisco ASDM uses HTML5.
B. Cisco FMC provides centralized management while Cisco ASDM does not.
C. Cisco FMC supports pushing configurations to devices while Cisco ASDM does not.
D. Cisco FMC supports all firewall products whereas Cisco ASDM only supports Cisco ASA devices.

Question 112
Which product allows Cisco FMC to push security intelligence observable to its sensors from other products?
A. Threat Intelligence Director
B. Encrypted Traffic Analytics.
C. Cognitive Threat Analytics.
D. Cisco Talos Intelligence

Question 113
A Cisco FirePower administrator needs to configure a rule to allow a new application that has never been seen on the network. Which two actions should be selected to allow the traffic to pass without inspection? (Choose two.)
A. permit
B. allow
C. reset
D. trust
E. monitor

Question 114
What is a characteristic of a bridge group in a Cisco ASA Firewall running in transparent mode?
A. It has an IP address on its BVI interface and is used for management traffic.
B. It allows ARP traffic with a single access rule.
C. It includes multiple interfaces and access rules between interfaces are customizable.
D. It is a Layer 3 segment and includes one port and customizable access rules.

Question 115
While using Cisco Firepower's Security Intelligence policies, which two criteria is blocking based upon? (Choose two.)
A. IP addresses
C. port numbers
D. protocol IDs
E. MAC addresses

Question 116
What features does Cisco FTDv provide over Cisco ASAv?
A. Cisco FTDv provides 1GB of firewall throughput while Cisco ASAv does not.
B. Cisco FTDv runs on VMware while Cisco ASAv does not.
C. Cisco FTDv runs on AWS while Cisco ASAv does not.
D. Cisco FTDv supports URL filtering while Cisco ASAv does not.

Question 117
A network engineer is deciding whether to use stateful or stateless failover when configuring two Cisco ASAs for high availability. What is the connection status in both cases?
A. need to be reestablished with stateful failover and preserved with stateless failover
B. preserved with both stateful and stateless failover
C. need to be reestablished with both stateful and stateless failover
D. preserved with stateful failover and need to be reestablished with stateless failover

Question 118
Which term describes when the Cisco Firepower downloads threat intelligence updates from Cisco Talos?
A. authoring
B. consumption
C. sharing
D. analysis

Question 119
An administrator is configuring a DHCP server to better secure their environment. They need to be able to rate-limit the traffic and ensure that legitimate requests are not dropped. How would this be accomplished?
A. Set a trusted interface for the DHCP server.
B. Set the DHCP snooping bit to 1.
C. Enable ARP inspection for the required VLAN.
D. Add entries in the DHCP snooping database.

Question 120
What is a prerequisite when integrating a Cisco ISE server and an AD domain?
A. Configure a common administrator account.
B. Place the Cisco ISE server and the AD server in the same subnet.
C. Synchronize the clocks of the Cisco ISE server and the AD server.
D. Configure a common DNS server.

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