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Cisco 350-701 Exam

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Question 31
Which two descriptions of AES encryption are true? (Choose two.)

Question 32
What is a language format designed to exchange threat intelligence that can be transported over the TAXII protocol?

Question 33
DRAG DROP -Drag and drop the descriptions from the left onto the correct protocol versions on the right.Select and Place:
Image 350-701_33Q.png related to the Cisco 350-701 Exam
Image 350-701_33R.png related to the Cisco 350-701 Exam

Question 34
Which VPN technology can support a multivendor environment and secure traffic between sites?

Question 35
Which technology must be used to implement secure VPN connectivity among company branches over a private IP cloud with any-to-any scalable connectivity?

Question 36
What is a commonality between DMVPN and FlexVPN technologies?

Question 37
Which protocol provides the strongest throughput performance when using Cisco AnyConnect VPN?

Question 38
Which group within Cisco writes and publishes a weekly newsletter to help cybersecurity professionals remain aware of the ongoing and most prevalent threats?

Question 39
When Cisco and other industry organizations publish and inform users of known security findings and vulnerabilities, which name is used?

Question 40
Which two features of Cisco DNA Center are used in a Software Defined Network solution? (Choose two.)

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