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Cisco 350-701 Exam

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Question 171
An engineer needs a cloud solution that will monitor traffic, create incidents based on events, and integrate with other cloud solutions via an API. Which solution should be used to accomplish this goal?

Question 172
An organization is using Cisco Firepower and Cisco Meraki MX for network security and needs to centrally manage cloud policies across these platforms. Which software should be used to accomplish this goal?

Question 173
Which factor must be considered when choosing the on-premise solution over the cloud-based one?

Question 174
An engineer has been tasked with implementing a solution that can be leveraged for securing the cloud users, data, and applications. There is a requirement to use the Cisco cloud-native CASB and cloud cybersecurity platform. What should be used to meet these requirements?

Question 175
In an IaaS cloud services model, which security function is the provider responsible for managing?

Question 176
An organization wants to secure users, data, and applications in the cloud. The solution must be API-based on operate as a cloud-native CASB. Which solution must be used for this implementation?

Question 177
DRAG DROP -Drag and drop the cloud security assessment components from the left onto the definitions on the right.Select and Place:
Image 350-701_177Q.jpg related to the Cisco 350-701 Exam
Image 350-701_177R.jpg related to the Cisco 350-701 Exam

Question 178
An organization wants to secure data in a cloud environment. Its security model requires that all users be authenticated and authorized. Security configuration and posture must be continuously validated before access is granted or maintained to applications and data. There is also a need to allow certain application traffic and deny all other traffic by default. Which technology must be used to implement these requirements?

Question 179
Which cloud model is a collaborative effort where infrastructure is shared and jointly accessed by several organizations from a specific group?

Question 180
How does Cisco Workload Optimization Manager help mitigate application performance issues?

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