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Cisco 350-701 Exam

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Question 131
Which attribute has the ability to change during the RADIUS CoA?

Question 132
An administrator configures new authorization policies within Cisco ISE and has difficulty profiling the devices. Attributes for the new Cisco IP phones that are profiled based on the RADIUS authentication are seen; however, the attributes for CDP or DHCP are not. What should the administrator do to address this issue?

Question 133
An organization deploys multiple Cisco FTD appliances and wants to manage them using one centralized solution. The organization does not have a local VM but does have existing Cisco ASA that must migrate over to Cisco FTDs. Which solution meets the needs of the organization?

Question 134
What is a benefit of using telemetry over SNMP to configure new routers for monitoring purposes?

Question 135
Refer to the exhibit. A network engineer is testing NTP authentication and realizes that any device synchronizes time with this router and that NTP authentication is not enforced. What is the cause of this issue?
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Question 136
An engineer has been tasked with configuring a Cisco FTD to analyze protocol fields and detect anomalies in the traffic from industrial systems. What must be done to meet these requirements?

Question 137
An organization uses Cisco FMC to centrally manage multiple Cisco FTD devices. The default management port conflicts with other communications on the network and must be changed. What must be done to ensure that all devices can communicate together?

Question 138
An administrator is establishing a new site-to-site VPN connection on a Cisco IOS router. The organization needs to ensure that the ISAKMP key on the hub is used only for terminating traffic from the IP address of Which command on the hub will allow the administrator to accomplish this?

Question 139
A Cisco FTD engineer is creating a newIKEv2 policy called s2s00123456789 for their organization to allow additional protocols to terminate network devices with.They currently only have one policy established and need the new policy to be a backup in case some devices cannot support the stronger algorithms listed in the primary policy. What should be done in order to support this?

Question 140
What is a functional difference between a Cisco ASA and Cisco IOS router with Zone-Based Policy Firewall?

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