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Cisco 350-601 Exam

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Question 121
Refer to the exhibit. Which type of backup is required to restore a Cisco UCS configuration?
Image 350-601_121Q.png related to the Cisco 350-601 Exam
A. system configuration
B. all configuration
C. full state
D. logical configuration

Question 122
Which server policy is used to install new Cisco IMC software on a server?
A. hypervisor firmware policy
B. host firmware policy
C. BIOS software policy
D. Cisco IMC software policy

Question 123
What are two requirements when planning a Cisco HyperFlex All Flash standard cluster installation using three Cisco HX240c M5 Series servers? (Choose two.)
A. If the Jumbo MTU option in the HyperFlex installer is enabled, then jumbo frames do not have to be enabled on the upstream switches.
B. This cluster deployment type must support a mix of HDD and SSD.
C. The servers must be discovered, unassociated, and connected to each fabric interconnect.
D. If the Jumbo MTU option in the HyperFlex installer is enabled, then jumbo frames must also be enabled on the upstream switches.
E. The hypervisors must be installed to Cisco FlexFlash SD cards.

Question 124
Refer to the exhibit. Service degradation is reported on a VM that is deployed on a Cisco UCS B-Series Server. The traffic from the vNIC is required to SPAN in both directions to a packet analyzer that is connected to UCS-A slot 2 port 12. Which two commands are needed to complete the configuration? (Choose two.)
Image 350-601_124Q.png related to the Cisco 350-601 Exam
A. UCS-A /org/service-profile/vnic/mon-src* # set direction receive transmit
B. UCS-A /eth-traffic-mon/fabric/eth-mon-session* # create dest-interface 2 12
C. UCS-A /eth-traffic-mon/fabric/eth-mon-session # activate
D. UCS-A /eth-traffic-mon/fabric/eth-mon-session* # create eth-mon-session/dest-interface 2 12
E. UCS-A /org/service-profile/vnic/mon-src* # set direction both

Question 125
An engineer updated firmware on Fabric Interconnects and activates it. However, the endpoint fails to boot from the new firmware image. What is expected to occur in this case?
A. The system defaults to and boots into kickstart image
B. The system defaults to and boots into GOLD firmware image
C. The system defaults to the GOLD firmware image
D. The system defaults to the backup image version

Question 126
Which service profile is affected if the default host firmware policy in Cisco UCS Manager is changed?
A. any service profile that uses the global-default host firmware policy
B. any service profile that uses a user-created host firmware policy
C. any service profile that has no host firmware policy defined Most Voted
D. any service profile that is not in the root sub-org

Question 127
An engineer is implementing Cisco Intersight in a secure environment. The environment must use LDAP directory service and ensure information integrity and confidentiality. Which two steps must be taken to implement the solution? (Choose two.)
A. Enable Certificate Signing Request in Cisco Intersight
B. Add a trusted root LDAP certificate to Cisco Intersight
C. Enable Encryption for LDAP
D. Add a self-signed LDAP certificate to Cisco Intersight
E. Add a trusted OAuth token to Cisco Intersight

Question 128
Due to a domain name change at a customer site, a Cisco UCS cluster must be renamed. An engineer must recommend a solution to ensure that the Cisco UCSManager is available over HTTPS.Which action accomplishes this goal?
A. Regenerate the default key ring certificate manually Most Voted
B. Reinstall the cluster to generate the default key ring certificate
C. Reboot the SSO component of the Cisco UCS Manager
D. Generate a new default key ring certificate from the Cisco UCS Manager

Question 129
An engineer needs to make an XML backup of Cisco UCS Manager. The backup should be transferred using an authenticated and encrypted tunnel, and it should contain all system and service profiles configuration. Which command must be implemented to meet these requirements?
A. copy running-config scp://user@host35/backups/all-config9.bak all-configuration
B. create backup scp://user@host35/backups/all-config9.bak all-configuration Most Voted
C. create file scp://user@host35/backups/all-config9.bak all-configuration
D. copy startup-config scp://user@host35/backups/all-config9.bak all-configuration

Question 130
A network architect considers a Cisco HyperFlex design solution for a company. The proposed solution is for a virtual environment that is not performance- sensitive, but the solution must have high storage capacity and a low cost. Which Cisco HyperFlex storage configuration should be used?
A. Hybrid
B. All-SAN
C. All-NVMe
D. All-Flash

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