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Cisco 350-601 Exam

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Question 61
Refer to the exhibit. An engineer needs to implement streaming telemetry on a Cisco MDS 9000 Series Switch. The requirement is for the show command data to be collected every 30 seconds and sent to receivers. Which command must be added to the configuration to meet this requirement?
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Question 62
An engineer must configure OSPF in the data center. The external routes have already been redistributed into OSPF. The network must meet these criteria:* The data center servers must reach services in the cloud and the services behind the redistributed routes.* The exit point toward the Internet should be propagated only when there is a dynamically learned default route from the upstream router.Which feature is required?

Question 63
An engineer must configure a VXLAN routing on a Cisco Nexus 9000 Series Switch. The engineer requires a solution where all the leaf switches have the same gateway MAC and IP addresses. Which configuration set accomplishes this task?

Question 64
An engineer implements an ACI fabric and must implement microsegmentation of endpoints within the same IP subnet using a network-based attribute. The attribute mapping must allow IP subnet independence. Which attribute must be selected?

Question 65
What is a characteristic of the install all command on the Cisco Nexus Series Switch?

Question 66
DRAG DROP - An engineer must configure the HSRP protocol to implement redundancy using two Cisco Nexus Series Switches, in addition, me HSRP must meet these requirements:
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Question 67
Refer to the exhibit. During a vPC peer switch reload, there is packet loss between the server and the router. Which action must be taken to prevent this behavior during future reloads?
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Question 68
A Cisco ACI engineer must configure an access port on a Cisco ACI leaf switch. The access policy should be configured so that it supports L3Out connectivity concurrently with several EPGs that are mapped to this interface with the static port method. How should the access policy be configured?

Question 69
Refer to the exhibit. An engineer monitors ingress traffic from Host-A and all traffic for VLAN 20 from Host-B. Which configuration must be implemented to monitor and export traffic to Network Analyzer?
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Question 70
Refer to the exhibit. Which action completes the vPC domain implementation?
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