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Cisco 350-601 Exam

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Question 21
What are two capabilities of the Cisco Network Assurance Engine? (Choose two.)

Question 22
What is an advantage of streaming telemetry over SNMP?

Question 23
APIC EPG Resolution Immediacy is set to "Immediate".Which statement is true about the Deployment Immediacy for VMM domains associated to EPGs?

Question 24
Refer to the exhibit. All switches are configured with the default OSPF priority. Which configuration should be applied to ensure that the SW2 Cisco Nexus switch controls the LSA floods and advertises the network to the remaining nodes in the OSPFv2 area?
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Question 25
DRAG DROP -Refer to the exhibit. In a bidirectional PIM network using Phantom RP as an RP redundancy mechanism, two Cisco NX-OS routers have these requirements: -R1 must be the active RP. -R2 must be the backup RP that is used only if R1 is not reachable.Drag and drop the configuration steps to complete the configuration for Router 2. Not all configuration steps are used.Select and Place:
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Question 26
An engineer must configure a Nexus 7000 series switch for HSRP on VLAN 100. When fully functional, the router must be the active master. Which set of commands must be used to implement the scenario?

Question 27
Which MAC address is an HSRP version 2?

Question 28
Refer to the exhibit. Which VLANs are capable to be assigned on vPC interfaces?
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Question 29
An engineer need to implement a solution that prevents loops from occurring accidentally by connecting a switch to interface Ethernet1/1. The port is designated to be used for host connectivity. Which configuration should be implemented?

Question 30
A network engineer repeatedly saves a configuration on Catalyst switches to NVRAM using the write memory command. Which action should be taken to implement the same action on Nexus switches?

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