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Cisco 350-501 Exam

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Question 241
A network operator working for a private outsourcing company with an employee id: 4261:72:778 needs to limit the malicious traffic on their network. Which configuration must the engineer use to implement URPF loose mode on the GigabitEthernet0/1 interface?

Question 242
Which type of attack is an application attack?

Question 243
Refer to the exhibit A user is performing QoS marking on internet traffic and sending it with IPv4 and IPv6 headers on the provider edge device PE1. IPv4 traffic is classified with DSCP 4 and IPv6 traffic is classified with DSCP 6.
Which action must the engineer take to begin implementing a QoS configuration on PE1 for theIPv6 traffic?
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Question 244
A company is expanding its existing office space to a new floor of the building, and the networking team is installing a new set of switches. The new switches are running IGMPv2, and the engineers configured them for VLAN10 only. The rest of the existing network includes numerous Layer 2 switches in multiple otherVLANs, all running IGMPv3.
Which additional task must the team perform when deploying the new switches so that traffic is switched correctly through the entire network?

Question 245
Refer to the exhibit. LDP peering between routers R1 and R2 is dropped when the link between R1 and R2 is taken offline. However, LDP peering between R2 and R3 stays up when the link between R2 and R3 is taken offline.
Which action allows MPLS traffic forwarding to continue normally if the link between R1 and R2 goes down?
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Question 246
Refer to the exhibit. Tier 2 ISP A on AS 653 is connected to two Tier 1 ISPs on AS 321 and AS 51 respectively. The network architect at ISP A is planning traffic flow inside the network to provide predictable network services. Cisco Express Forwarding is disabled on the edge router. How should the architect implementBGP to direct all traffic via the Tier 1 ISP with next-hop
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Question 247
Which two features describe TI-LFA? (Choose two.)

Question 248
How does SR policy operate in Segment Routing Traffic Engineering?

Question 249
An engineering team must implement Unified MPLS to scale an MPLS network. Devices in the core layer use different IGPs, so the team decided to split the network into different areas. The team plans to keep the MPLS services as they are and introduce greater scalability.
Which additional action must the engineers take to implement the Unified MPLS?

Question 250
Refer to the exhibit. A network engineer is configuring router RB to secure BGP advertisements against route hijacking activity. RB must validate all prefixes that it receives from origin AS 200 before installing them in the BGP route table.
Which configuration meets the requirement?
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