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Cisco 350-501 Exam

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Question 141
Which feature will an operator use while implementing MPLS TE on customer's network, to prevent an LSP from using any overseas links?

Question 142
Refer to the exhibit. An engineer began to configure LDP between R1 and R2, but R1 and R2 cannot yet establish an LDP TCP connection. Which additional task must be completed to finish the implementation?
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Question 143
After implementing MPLS protocol for multiple VRFs on a single Cisco device, the engineer notices all VRFs on the router still do not have the LDP session protection feature enabled. Which configuration must the engineer apply to enable the LDP session protection feature for LDP neighbors within each VRF?

Question 144
What is a constraint of Cisco MPLS TE tunnel configurations?

Question 145
An engineer is implementing MPLS OAM to monitor traffic within the MPLS domain. Which action must the engineer perform to prevent packets from being forwarded beyond the service provider domain when the LSP is down?

Question 146
A network engineer has configured TE tunnels in the MPLS provider core. Which two steps ensure traffic traverse? (Choose two.)

Question 147
An engineer is implementing a Cisco MPLS TE tunnel to improve the streaming experience for the clients of a video-on-demand server. Which action must the engineer perform to configure extended discovery to support the MPLS LDP session between the headend and tailend routers?

Question 148
An engineer implemented LDP protocol on the ISP network. The engineer must ensure that there are no packet loss issues when IGP and LDP protocols are not synchronized. Which configuration must the engineer implement so that the IGP routing protocol will wait until LDP convergence is completed?

Question 149
What is a characteristic of prefix segment identifier?

Question 150
Which two routing protocols support Cisco MPLS TE tunnels? (Choose two.)

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