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Cisco 350-401 Exam

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Question 31
What is the role of a fusion router in an SD-Access solution?

Question 32
Which action is the vSmart controller responsible for in an SD-WAN deployment?

Question 33
What is one fact about Cisco SD-Access wireless network deployments?

Question 34
In a Cisco SD-Access solution, what is the role of a fabric edge node?

Question 35
What are two reasons a company would choose a cloud deployment over an on-prem deployment? (Choose two.)

Question 36
What is the difference between the MAC address table and TCAM?

Question 37
Which controller is the single plane of management for Cisco SD-WAN?

Question 38
A company plans to implement intent-based networking in its campus infrastructure.Which design facilitates a migration from a traditional campus design to a programmable fabric design?

Question 39
Which statement about a fabric access point is true?

Question 40
A customer requests a network design that supports these requirements: -FHRP redundancy -multivendor router environment -IPv4 and IPv6 hostsWhich protocol does the design include?