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Cisco 350-401 Exam

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Question 211
How are the different versions of IGMP compatible?

Question 212
Which measurement is used from a post wireless survey to depict the cell edge of the access points?

Question 213
If a client's radio device receives a signal strength of -67 dBm and the noise floor is -85 dBm, what is the SNR value?

Question 214
Which AP mode allows an engineer to scan configured channels for rogue access points?

Question 215
Refer to the exhibit. While troubleshooting a routing issue, an engineer issues a ping from S1 to S2. Which two actions result from the initial value of the TTL?(Choose two.)
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Question 216
What is the wireless Received Signal Strength Indicator?

Question 217
Which two operational modes enable an AP to scan one or more wireless channels for rogue access points and at the same time provide wireless services to clients? (Choose two.)

Question 218
Refer to the exhibit. An engineer attempts to configure a trunk between switch SW1 and switch SW2 using DTP, but the trunk does not form. Which command should the engineer apply to switch SW2 to resolve this issue?
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Question 219
An engineer is troubleshooting the AP join process using DNS. Which FQDN must be resolvable on the network for the access points to successfully register to the WLC?

Question 220
Which new enhancement was implemented in Wi-Fi 6?

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