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Cisco 300-715 Exam

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Question 101
An organization is adding new profiling probes to the system to improve profiling on Cisco ISE. The probes must support a common network management protocol to receive information about the endpoints and the ports to which they are connected.
What must be configured on the network device to accomplish this goal?

Question 102
An administrator is trying to collect metadata information about the traffic going across the network to gain added visibility into the hosts. This information will be used to create profiling policies for devices using Cisco ISE so that network access policies can be used.
What must be done to accomplish this task?
A. Configure the DHCP probe within Cisco ISE.
B. Configure NetFlow to be sent to the Cisco ISE appliance.
C. Configure the RADIUS profiling probe within Cisco ISE.
D. Configure SNMP to be used with the Cisco ISE appliance.

Question 103
There are several devices on a network that are considered critical and need to be placed into the ISE database and a policy used for them. The organization does not want to use profiling.
What must be done to accomplish this goal?
A. Enter the MAC address in the correct Endpoint Identity Group.
B. Enter the IP address in the correct Endpoint Identity Group.
C. Enter the IP address in the correct Logical Profile.
D. Enter the MAC address in the correct Logical Profile.

Question 104
An administrator is configuring a new profiling policy within Cisco ISE. The organization has several endpoints that are the same device type, and all have the same Block ID in their MAC address. The profiler does not currently have a profiling policy created to categorize these endpoints, therefore a custom profiling policy must be created.
Which condition must the administrator use in order to properly profile an ACME AI Connector endpoint for network access with MAC address 01:41:14:65:50:AB?
C. Radius_Called_Station-ID_STARTSWITH_<MAC ADDRESS>

Question 105
What should be considered when configuring certificates for BYOD?
A. The SAN field is populated with the end user name.
B. The CN field is populated with the endpoint host name.
C. An endpoint certificate is mandatory for the Cisco ISE BYOD.
D. An Android endpoint uses EST, whereas other operating systems use SCEP for enrollment.

Question 106
What allows an endpoint to obtain a digital certificate from Cisco ISE during a BYOD flow?
A. Application Visibility and Control
B. Supplicant Provisioning Wizard
C. My Devices Portal
D. Network Access Control

Question 107
Which two components are required for creating a Native Supplicant Profile within a BYOD flow? (Choose two.)
A. Redirect ACL
B. Connection Type
C. Operating System
D. Windows Settings
E. iOS Settings

Question 108
If a user reports a device lost or stolen, which portal should be used to prevent the device from accessing the network while still providing information about why the device is blocked?
A. Client Provisioning
C. Guest
D. Block list

Question 109
An engineer is configuring a dedicated SSID for onboarding devices.
Which SSID type accomplishes this configuration?
A. hidden
B. guest
C. dual
D. broadcast

Question 110
An engineer is designing a BYOD environment utilizing Cisco ISE for devices that do not support native supplicants.
Which portal must the security engineer configure to accomplish this task?
B. Client Provisioning
C. My Devices

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