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Cisco 300-715 Exam

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Question 31
What should be configured on the Cisco ISE authentication policy for unknown MAC addresses/identities for successful authentication?

Question 32
Which command displays all 802.1X/MAB sessions that are active on the switch ports of a Cisco Catalyst switch?

Question 33
What are two requirements of generating a single certificate in Cisco ISE by using a certificate provisioning portal, without generating a certificate signing request?(Choose two.)

Question 34
Refer to the exhibit. Which command is typed within the CLI of a switch to view the troubleshooting output?
Image 300-715_34Q.png related to the Cisco 300-715 Exam

Question 35
What gives Cisco ISE an option to scan endpoints for vulnerabilities?

Question 36
Which two values are compared by the binary comparison function in authentication that is based on Active Directory?

Question 37
What happens when an internal user is configured with an external identity store for authentication, but an engineer uses the Cisco ISE admin portal to select an internal identity store as the identity source?

Question 38
Which two actions occur when a Cisco ISE server device administrator logs in to a device? (Choose two.)

Question 39
An engineer is configuring a guest password policy and needs to ensure that the password complexity requirements are set to mitigate brute force attacks.Which two requirements should be included in this policy? (Choose two.)

Question 40
An engineer is using the low-impact mode for a phased deployment of Cisco ISE and is trying to connect to the network prior to authentication.Which access will be denied in this deployment?

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