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Cisco 300-430 Exam

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Question 161
Refer to the exhibit. An engineer must provide a position of rogue APs on a floor map using Cisco PI 3.0, but no rogue AP options are showing on the left-hand navigation menu under Maps. What is the reason for this omission?
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A. An assurance license is not installed.
B. The controller operational status background task is disabled.
C. The Show Detected Interferers feature under the AP option is disabled.
D. Cisco MSE has not been added to Cisco PI.

Question 162
Refer to the exhibit. An engineer has deployed the Cisco CMX solution to track and detect the number of users who visit the office each day. The CMX dashboard is not showing any data.
Which action resolves this issue?
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A. Configure Single Sign-On authentication.
B. Add the WLCs to CMX.
C. Copy the exported Maps from CMX server to PI using SCP.
D. Install an evaluation license to CMX server.

Question 163
An engineer is in the process of implementing Fastlane on a wireless network with a Mobility Express AP installed. The network must support voice and video applications for Apple devices. Due to a security concern, all iPhones are updated to version 14.5.432302546.
Which QoS profile must the engineer configure on the user WLAN?
A. Bronze
B. Best Effort
C. Silver
D. Platinum

Question 164
A wireless administrator receives this information to complete a CMX deployment in high availability by using version 10.
6 to gather analytics.
- IP address of the primary server
-IP address of the secondary server
-failover mode to be configured as automatic
-root password of the secondary server
-email ID for NOC notificationsEnabling high availability fails when these parameters are used.
Which action resolves the issue?
A. Insert the cmxadmin password of the secondary server.
B. Use IP protocol 4242 for the controller to reach the CMX server.
C. Place primary and secondary servers in different subnets.
D. Enable the virtual IP address of the primary server.

Question 165
Which role does an engineer configure for administrative access to the wireless infrastructure, using Cisco ISE, to allow configuration of the WLC syslog configuration?

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