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Cisco 300-430 Exam

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Question 51
An engineer must configure MSE to provide guests access using social media authentication. Which service does the engineer configure so that guests useFacebook credentials to authenticate?

Question 52
A network engineer has been hired to perform a new MSE implementation on an existing network. The MSE must be installed in a different network than the CiscoWLC. Which configuration allows the devices to communicate over NMSP?

Question 53
What is the default NMSP echo interval between Cisco MSE and a Wireless LAN Controller?

Question 54
An engineer just added a new MSE to Cisco Prime Infrastructure and wants to synchronize the MSE with the Cisco 5520 WLC, located behind a firewall in a DMZ.It is noticed that NMSP messages are failing between the two devices. Which traffic must be allowed on the firewall to ensure that the MSE and WLC are able to communicate using NMSP?

Question 55
Refer to the exhibit. An engineer needs to configure __cpLocation services in an office. The requirement is to use FastLocate and achieve higher __cpLocations refresh rates. Which __cpLocation-based technique should be implemented?
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Question 56
An engineer is managing a wireless network for a shopping center. The network includes a Cisco WLC, a Cisco MSE, and a Cisco Prime Infrastructure. What is required to use Cisco CMX Location Analytics?

Question 57
An engineer configures a deployment to support: *Cisco CMX *licenses for at least 3000 APs *6000 wIPS licensesThe Cisco vMSE appliance must be sized for this deployment. Which Cisco vMSE Release 8 option must the engineer deploy?

Question 58
A new MSE with wIPS service has been installed and no alarm information appears to be reaching the MSE from controllers. Which protocol must be allowed to reach the MSE from the controllers?

Question 59
Which two statements about the requirements for a Cisco Hyper__cpLocation deployment are true? (Choose two.)

Question 60
An engineer is performing a Cisco Hyper__cpLocation accuracy test and executes the cmxloc start command on Cisco CMX. Which two parameters are relevant?(Choose two.)

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