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Cisco 300-430 Exam

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Question 21
A network engineer wants to implement QoS across the network that supports multiple VLANs. All the APs are connected to switch ports and are configured in local mode. Which trust model must be configured on the switch ports to which the APs are connected?

Question 22
An enterprise started using WebEx as a virtual meeting solution. There is a concern that the existing wireless network will not be able to support the increased amount of traffic as a result of using WebEx. An engineer needs to remark the QoS value for this application to ensure high quality in meetings. What must be implemented to accomplish this task?

Question 23
A corporation has a wireless network where all access points are configured in FlexConnect. The WLC has a Data WLAN and a VoWiFi WLAN implemented where centrally-switched SSID is configured for the APs. Which QoS configuration must be implemented for the wireless packets to maintain the marking across the wired and wireless network?

Question 24
A company is collecting the requirements for an on-premises event. During the event, a wireless client connected to a dedicated WLAN will run a video application that will need on average 391595179 bits per second to function properly. What is the QoS marking that needs to be applied to that WLAN?

Question 25
Refer to the exhibit. Which two items must be supported on the VoWLAN phones to take full advantage of this WLAN configuration? (Choose two.)
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Question 26
An engineer must use Cisco AVC on a Cisco WLC to prioritize Cisco IP cameras that use the wireless network. Which element do you configure in a rule?

Question 27
An IT administrator is managing a wireless network in which most devices are Apple iOS. A QoS issue must be addressed on the WLANs. Which configuration must be performed?

Question 28
What is the Cisco recommended configuration for a Cisco switch port connected to an AP in local mode for optimal voice over WLAN performance with an 8821 wireless phone?

Question 29
An engineer has configured Media Stream on the WLC and must guarantee at least 2 Mbps stream per user. Which RRC template should the engineer use?

Question 30
Refer to the exhibit.Which COS to DSCP map must be modified to ensure that voice traffic is tagged correctly as it traverses the network?
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