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Cisco 300-430 Exam

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Question 151
When configuring a large, high-availability wireless network,
Which change to a mobility group creates less load on the controllers and maintains the same mobility messages?

Question 152
A healthcare organization notices many rogue APs and is concerned about a honeypot attack.
Which configuration must a wireless network engineer perform inCisco Prime Infrastructure to prevent these attacks most efficiently upon detection?

Question 153
An engineer is configuring a new wireless network for guest access. The Facebook page of the company must be viewed by the guest users before they get access to the network. A Cisco MSE is used as a wireless component.
Which URL must be used in the configuration as the external redirection URL?

Question 154
An IT administrator deployed an OEAP to the home of a remote user, but the OEAP cannot reach the WLC.
Which two configuration settings must be completed before an OEAP is deployed successfully? (Choose two.)

Question 155
An IT administrator deploys Cisco 2802i APs in all office locations, including main campus and branch offices. The WLC that manages the APs is located at the data center on the main campus. The APs on the main campus are configured to use Local mode and the APs in the branches use FlexConnect mode.
Which configuration must be applied to the APs for corporate devices on the main campus to be mapped to the local LAN switch on different VLANs according to theVLAN tag ID and WLAN?

Question 156
An engineer is in the process of implementing Fastiane on a wireless network with a Mobility Express AP installed and Apple end-user devices. Due to a security concern, the IT department has updated all the iPads to version 14.5.423551943.
Which QoS profile must the engineer configure on the user WLAN?

Question 157
An engineer wants to upgrade the APs in a Cisco FlexConnect group. To accomplish this upgrade, the FlexConnect AP Upgrade setting will be used. One AP of each model with the lowest MAC address in the group must receive the upgrade directly from the controller.
Which action accomplishes this direct upgrade?

Question 158
Refer to the exhibit. An administrator notices slower location updates from the controller to Cisco CMX.
Which command must be configured to get an update every 5 seconds for rogues?
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Question 159
Refer to the exhibit. An engineer is configuring a Cisco wireless LAN controller and needs wireless multicast to use the 54Mbps rates.
Which action meets this requirement?
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Question 160
An engineer is planning an image upgrade of the WLC, and hundreds of APs are spread across remote sites with limited WAN bandwidth. The engineer must minimize the WAN utilization for this upgrade.
Which approach must be used for the AP image upgrade?

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