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Cisco 300-430 Exam

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Question 131
An IT team is growing quickly and needs a solution for management device access. The solution must authenticate users from an external repository instead of the current local on the WLC, and it must also identify the user and determine what level of access users should have.
Which protocol do you recommend to achieve these goals?

Question 132
Refer to the exhibit. An engineer must connect a fork lift via a WGB to a wireless network and must authenticate the WGB certificate against the RADIUS server.
Which three steps are required for this configuration? (Choose three.)
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Question 133
During the EAP process and specifically related to the client authentication session,
Which encrypted key is sent from the RADIUS server to the access point?

Question 134
A network is set up to support wired and wireless clients. Both types must authenticate using 802.1X before connecting to the network. Different types of client authentication must be separated on a Cisco ISE deployment.
Which two configuration items achieve this task? (Choose two.)

Question 135
An engineer is troubleshooting a Cisco CMX high-availability deployment and notices that the primary and backup Cisco CMX servers are both considered primary.
Which command must the engineer run on the backup server?

Question 136
A network administrator managing a Cisco Catalyst 9800-80 WLC must place all iOS connected devices to the guest SSID on VLAN 101. The rest of the clients must connect on VLAN 102 distribute load across subnets. To achieve this configuration, the administrator configures a local policy on the WLC.
Which two configurations are required? (Choose two.)

Question 137
An engineer is assembling a PCI report for compliance purposes and must include missed best practices that are related to WLAN controllers. The engineer has access to all WLCs, Cisco MSE, and Cisco Prime Infrastructure.
Which method most efficiently displays a summary of inconsistencies?

Question 138
An engineer is ensuring that, on the IEEE 802.
1X wireless network, clients authenticate using a central repository and local credentials on the Cisco WLC.
Which two configuration elements must be completed on the WLAN? (Choose two.)

Question 139
An engineer must enable LSS for the AppleTV mDNS service only when ORIGIN is set to Wired.
Which action meets this requirement?

Question 140
A Cisco 8540 WLC manages Cisco Aironet 4800 Series Aps and send AoA data to a Cisco CMX 3375 Appliance for Hyperlocation. The load from the WLC is distributed to another virtual CMX server using CMX grouping. The virtual CMX server shows location RSSI data and not Hyperlocation. No AoA metrics are shown on the metrics page of the CMX virtual appliance under System > Metrics > Location Metrics. How must the network administrator resolve this issue?

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