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Cisco 300-430 Exam

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Question 111
Which two events are outcomes of a successful RF jamming attack? (Choose two.)

Question 112
An engineer must create an account to log in to the CLI of an access point for troubleshooting.
Which configuration on the WLC will accomplish this?

Question 113
A multitenant building contains known wireless networks in most of the suites. Rogues must be classified in the WLC. How are the competing wireless APs classified?

Question 114
An enterprise has recently deployed a voice and video solution available to all employees using AireOS controllers. The employees must use this service over their laptops, but users report poor service when connected to the wireless network. The programs that consume bandwidth must be identified and restricted.
Which configuration on the WLAN aids in recognizing the traffic?

Question 115
Which customizable security report on Cisco Prime Infrastructure will show rogue APs detected since a point in time?

Question 116
A wireless network engineer must present a list of all rogue APs with a high severity score to senior management.
Which report must be created in Cisco PrimeInfrastructure to provide this information?

Question 117
What is the maximum time range that can be viewed on the Cisco DNA Center issues and alarms page?

Question 118
A wireless engineer must configure access control on a WLC using a TACACS+ server for a company that is implementing centralized authentication on network devices.
Which role value must be configured under the shell profile on the TACACS+ server for a user with read-only permissions?

Question 119
The CTO of an organization wants to ensure that all Android devices are placed into a separate VLAN on their wireless network. However, the CTO does not want to deploy ISE.
Which feature must be implemented on the Cisco WLC?

Question 120
Refer to the exhibit. A wireless engineer has integrated the wireless network with a RADIUS server. Although the configuration on the RADIUS is correct, users are reporting that they are unable to connect. During troubleshooting, the engineer notices that the authentication requests are being dropped.
Which action will resolve the issue?
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