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Cisco 300-430 Exam

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Question 91
Branch wireless users report that they can no longer access services from head office but can access services locally at the site. New wireless users can associate to the wireless while the WAN is down.
Which three elements (Cisco FlexConnect state, operation mode, and authentication method) are seen in this scenario? (Choose three.)

Question 92
Refer to the exhibit. An engineer deployed a Cisco WLC using local EAP. Users who are configured for EAP-PEAP cannot connect to the network. Based on the local EAP debug on the controller provided, why is the client unable to connect?
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Question 93
An engineer set up identity-based networking with ISE and configured AAA override on the WLAN.
Which two attributes must be used to change the client behavior from the default settings? (Choose two.)

Question 94
Refer to the exhibit. The security team has implemented ISE as an AAA solution for the wireless network. The wireless engineer notices that though clients are able to authenticate successfully, the ISE policies that are designed to place them on different interfaces are not working.
Which configuration must be applied in the RADIUS Authentication Settings section from the ISE Network Device page?
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Question 95
An engineer is setting up a WLAN to work with a Cisco ISE as the AAA server. The company policy requires that all users be denied access to any resources until they pass the validation.
Which component must be configured to achieve this stipulation?

Question 96
A Cisco WLC has been added to the network and Cisco ISE as a network device, but authentication is failing.
Which configuration within the network device configuration should be verified?

Question 97
A user is trying to connect to a wireless network that is configured for WPA2-Enterprise security using a corporate laptop. The CA certificate for the authentication server has been installed on the Trusted Root Certification Authorities store on the laptop. The user has been prompted to enter the credentials multiple times, but the authentication has not succeeded.
What is causing the issue?

Question 98
A wireless engineer is configuring LWA using ISE. The customer is a startup company and requested the wireless users to authenticate against a directory, butLDAP is unavailable.
Which solution should be proposed in order to have the same security and user experience?

Question 99
What must be configured on the Global Configuration page of the WLC for an access point to use 802.1x to authenticate to the wired infrastructure?

Question 100
A customer has a distributed wireless deployment model where the WLCs are located in the data centers. Because the file servers are located in the data center, the traffic from the corporate WLAN `Corp-401266017` must go through the controllers, where the guest WLAN `Guest-19283746` traffic must use the localInternet line installed in each office.
Which configuration will accomplish this task?

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