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Cisco 300-425 Exam

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Question 21
An engineer is using a Cisco AIR-2702i AP to conduct a Layer 1 site survey. Which mode is selected for the AP to discover non-Wi-Fi interference with MetageekChanalyzer?
A. Sniffer
B. Monitor
C. FlexConnect
D. SE-Connect

Question 22
An engineer changed the TPC Power Threshold for a wireless deployment from the default value to -65 dBm. The engineer conducts a new post deployment survey to validate the results. What is the expected outcome?
A. decreased channel overlap
B. increased cell size Most Voted
C. increased received sensitivity
D. decreased client signal strength

Question 23
An engineer is conducting a Layer 2 site survey. Which type of client must the engineer match to the survey?
A. best client available
B. phone client
C. normal client
D. worst client available Most Voted

Question 24
An engineer must perform a pre deployment site survey for a new building in a high-security area. The design must provide a primary signal RSSI of -65 dBm for the clients. Which two requirements complete this design? (Choose two.)
A. HVAC access
B. WLC model
C. site access
D. number of clients
E. AP model

Question 25
A wireless engineer is getting ready to perform a predictive site survey. The new network needs to support data and voice over wireless. Which two Cisco recommendations should be considered for the design? (Choose two.)
A. Set -19 dBm of separation between APs on the same channel.
B. Use the 5 GHz radio band due to 40 MHz bandwidth capability.
C. Use the 5 GHz radio band due to the 24 non-overlapping channels.
D. Set the cell boundary to -67 dBm.
E. Set the cell overlap to 15%

Question 26
An engineer is designing a wireless network to support Cisco Hyper__cpLocation. The customer indicated some __cpLocations that require high density. How is the design adjusted?
A. Add additional APs to all the comers of the site.
B. Add more APs than indicated from the site survey spread across all areas.
C. Add an additional AP in the middle of the dense area.
D. Run the site survey using -57dBm as a threshold.

Question 27
An engineer is designing a new wireless network. The network needs to fulfill the following requirements: -support multimedia applications -support a high concentration of wireless clients -support data over wireless -support roaming, Which approach should be used?
A. use of micro cells with reduced power levels
B. use of macro cells with reduced power levels
C. coverage for cells at maximum power levels
D. use of macro cells with maximum power levels

Question 28
An engineer is designing a high-density WLAN for a 10,000-seat auditorium. The solution must take advantage of human attenuation, as well as the aesthetics of the room. Where must the APs be placed?
A. on the walls
B. under the seats
C. on the ceiling
D. above the seating areas

Question 29
A network administrator of a global organization is collapsing all controllers to a single cluster located in central Europe. Which concern must be addressed?
A. Some channels may not be available consistently across the organization.
B. Different RF policies per office are not available in this configuration.
C. Syslog must be configured to the time-zone of the NMS platform.
D. Centralized controllers cannot uniformly authenticate global users.

Question 30
A wireless engineer is hired to design a network for a technology company. The company campus has four buildings and a warehouse with access points that provide full wireless coverage as well as a pair of WLCs located in the core of the network. Which type of wireless architecture is being used?
A. unified deployment
B. autonomous deployment
C. centralized deployment
D. distributed deployment

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