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Cisco 300-425 Exam

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Question 41
A network engineer is working on a design for a wireless network that must support data, voice, and __cpLocation services. To support these services, which access point placement must the engineer use?

Question 42
A customer has noticed that Client Band Select is enabled and no clients are utilizing the 5 GHz band. Which three parameters must be met to ensure that wireless clients use the 5 GHz band? (Choose three.)

Question 43
An engineer is reducing the subnet size of the corporate WLAN by segmenting the VLAN into smaller subnets. Clients will be assigned a subnet by __cpLocation.Which type of groups should the engineer use to map the smaller subnets to the corporate WLAN?

Question 44
A customer has determined that aesthetics is a primary concern for their upcoming guest deployment. Which design consideration can be leveraged to address this concern?

Question 45
An engineer has deployed a group of APs in an auditorium and notices that the APs are showing high co-channel interference. Which profile is used to adjust the parameters for these high-density APs?

Question 46
A wireless deployment in a high-density environment is being used by vendors to process credit card payment transactions via handheld mobile scanners. The scanners are having problems roaming between access points in the environment. Which feature on the wireless controller should have been incorporated in the design?

Question 47
A university is in the process of designing a wireless network in an auditorium that seats 500 students and supports student laptops. Which design methodology should the university implement in the auditorium?

Question 48
An engineer is designing an outdoor mesh network to cover several sports fields. The core of the network is located in a building at the entrance of a sports complex. Which type of antenna should be used with the RAP for backhaul connectivity?

Question 49
A network engineer needs to create a wireless design to bridge wired IP surveillance cameras in the parking lot through a mesh AP. To which operate mode of theAP should the cameras connect?

Question 50
A network engineer is designing a new wireless network. The network needs to have these characteristics: -support high client concentration -optimize client performance -avoid interferenceWhich approach should be taken?

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