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Cisco 300-420 Exam

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Question 11
A company is using OSPF between its HQ __cpLocation and a branch office. HQ is assigned area 0 and the branch office is assigned area 1. The company purchases a second branch office, but due to circuit delays to HQ, it decides to connect the new branch office to the existing branch office as a temporary measure. The new branch office is assigned to area 2. Which OSPF configuration enables all three __cpLocations to exchange routes?

Question 12
Which method will filter routes between EIGRP neighbors within the same autonomous system?

Question 13
What are two valid scaling techniques when an EIGRP network is designed that consists of more than 1000 routers? (Choose two.)

Question 14
Refer to the exhibit. Which solution decreases the EIGRP convergence time?
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Question 15
A router running ISIS is showing high CPU and bandwidth utilization. An engineer discovers that the router is configured as L1/L2 and has L1 and L2 neighbors.Which step optimizes the design to address the issue?

Question 16
Which two routing protocols allow for unequal cost load balancing? (Choose two.)

Question 17
Which two steps can be taken to improve convergence in an OSPF network? (Choose two.)

Question 18
Which OSPF area blocks LSA Type 3, 4 and 5, but allows a default summary route?

Question 19
Refer to the exhibit. All routers currently reside in OSPF area 0. The network manager recently used R1 and R2 as aggregation routers for remote branch __cpLocations and R3 and R4 as aggregation routers for remote office __cpLocations. The network has since been suffering from outages, which are causing frequent SPF runs. To enhance stability and introduce areas to the OSPF network with the minimal number of ABRs possible, which two solutions should the network manager recommend? (Choose two.)
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Question 20
An engineer must design a solution to provide backup connectivity between two sites. The engineer plans to use an Internet connection, but company policy requires the connection to be encrypted. Additionally, there are several applications that utilize multicast to deliver video streams between the sites. Which technology should the design include?

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