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Cisco 300-415 Exam

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Question 31
What is the default value (in milliseconds) set for the poll interval in the BFD basic configuration?
A. 300,000
B. 600,000
C. 900,000
D. 1,200,000

Question 32
Which plane builds and maintains the network topology and makes decisions on traffic flows?
A. data
B. orchestration
C. management
D. control

Question 33
How is TLOC defined?
A. It is represented by a unique identifier to specify a site in a SD-WAN architecture.
B. It specifies a Cisco SD-WAN overlay in a multitenant vSMART deployment.
C. It is represented by a group of QoS policies applied to a WAN Edge router.
D. It is a unique collection of GRE or IPsec encapsulations, link color, and system IP address.

Question 34
Which vBond system configuration under VPN 0 allows for a routable public IP address even if the DNS name, hostname, or IP address of the vBond orchestrator are omitted?
B. local
C. dns-name
D. vbond-only

Question 35
What are the two advantages of deploying cloud-based Cisco SD-WAN controllers? (Choose two.)
A. centralized control and data plane
B. infrastructure as a service
C. management of SLA
D. centralized raid storage of data
E. distributed authentication policies

Question 36
Which two image formats are supported for controller codes? (Choose two.)
A. .nxos
B. .qcow2
C. .iso
D. .ova
E. .bin

Question 37
Which two platforms for the Cisco SD-WAN architecture are deployable in a hypervisor on-premises or in IAAS Cloud? (Choose two.)
A. CSR 1000v
B. ISR 4431
C. vEdge 100c
D. vEdge 2000
E. vEdge Cloud

Question 38
How is the scalability of the Manage increased in Cisco SD-WAN Fabric?
A. Increase the bandwidth of the WAN link connected to the vManage
B. Increase licensing on the vManage
C. Deploy more than one vManage controllers on different physical server
D. Deploy multiple vManage controllers in a cluster

Question 39
Which component of the Cisco SD-WAN control plane architecture facilitates the storage of certificates and configurations for network components?
A. vSmart
B. WAN Edge
C. vManage
D. vBond

Question 40
An engineer is troubleshooting a vEdge router and identifies a "DCONFAIL ?DTLS connection failure" message. What is the problem?
A. memory issue
B. certificate mismatch
C. organization mismatch
D. connectivity issue

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