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Cisco 300-415 Exam

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Question 131
Which protocol is used to measure loss, latency, jitter, and liveliness of the tunnel between WAN Edge router peers?

Question 132
Which two algorithms authenticate a user when configuring SNMPv3 monitoring on a WAN Edge router? (Choose two.)

Question 133
Drag and Drop Question Drag and drop the definitions from the left to the configuration on the right.
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Question 134
In the Cisco SD_WAN solution, vSmart controller is responsible for which two actions? (Choose two.)

Question 135
A network administrator is configuring QoS on vEdge 5000 router and needs to enable it on the transport side interface. Which policy setting must be selected to accomplish this goal?

Question 136
In an AWS cloud, which feature provision WAN Edge routers automatically in Cisco SD-WAN?

Question 137
Which device in the SD-WAN solution receives and categorizes event reports, and generates alarms?

Question 138
A network administrator is bringing up one WAN Edge for branch connectivity. Which types of tunnels form when the

Question 139
What is an advantage of using auto mode versus static mode of power allocation when an access point is connected o a PoE switch port?

Question 140
Refer to the exhibit. The Cisco SD-WAN network is configured with a default full-mesh topology. Islamabad HQ and Islamabad WAN Edges must be used as the hub sites. Hub sites MPLS TLOC must be preferred when forwarding FTP traffic based on a configured SLA class list. Which policy configuration does the network engineer use to call the SLA class and set the preferred color to MPLS?
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