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Cisco 300-410 Exam

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Question 71
AS 111 wanted to use AS 200 as the preferred path for and AS 100 as the backup. After the configuration, AS 100 is not used for any other routes. Which configuration resolves the issue?
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Question 72
Refer to the exhibit. The ISP router is fully configured for customer A and customer B using the VRF-Lite feature. What is the minimum configuration required for customer A to communicate between routers A1 and A2?
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Question 73
An engineer is implementing a coordinated change with a server team. As part of the change, the engineer must configure interface GigabitEthernet2 in an existing VRF "RED" then move the interface to an existing VRF "BLUE" when the server team is ready. The engineer configured interface GigabitEthernet2 in VRF "RED": interface GigabitEthernet2, description Migration ID: B410A82D0935G35, vrf forwarding RED, ip address, negotiation auto Which configuration completes the change?
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Question 74
Refer to the exhibit. R5 should not receive any routes originated in the EIGRP domain. Which set of configuration changes removes the EIGRP routes from the R5 routing table to fix the issue?
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Question 75
Refer to the exhibit. The network administrator configured the network to connect two disjointed networks and all the connectivity is up except the virtual link, which causes area 250 to be unreachable. Which two configurations resolve this issue? (Choose two.)
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Question 76
Refer to the exhibit. A network administrator sets up an OSPF routing protocol for a DMVPN network on the hub router. Which configuration command is required to establish a DMVPN tunnel with multiple spokes?
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Question 77
Refer to the exhibit. The Internet traffic should always prefer Site-A ISP-1 if the link and BGP connection are up; otherwise, all Internet traffic should go to ISP-2. Redistribution is configured between BGP and OSPF routing protocols, and it is not working as expected. What action resolves the issue?
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Question 78
Refer to the exhibit. An engineer has configured R1 as EIGRP stub router. After the configuration, router R3 failed to reach to R2 loopback address. Which action advertises R2 loopback back into the R3 routing table?
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Question 79
Refer to the exhibit. The branch router is configured with a default route toward the Internet and has no routes configured for the HQ site that is connected through interface G2/0. The HQ router is fully configured and does not require changes. Which configuration on the branch router makes the intranet website (TCP port 80) available to the branch office users?
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Question 80
R1 and R2 are configured as eBGP neighbors. R1 is in AS100 and R2 is in AS200. R2 is advertising these networks to R1: The network administrator on R1 must improve convergence by blocking all subnets of major network with a mask lower than 23 from coming in. Which set of configurations accomplishes the task on R1?

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