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Cisco 200-901 Exam

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Question 61
Which HTTP response code should be returned when the request is completed, but there is no content to send for the request?
A. 100
B. 204
C. 302
D. 402

Question 62
Refer to the exhibit. Which data is specified in the response header?
Image 200-901_62Q.png related to the Cisco 200-901 Exam
A. Content-Type
B. HTTP/1.1 200 OK
C. ”type”, ”switch”
D. {"id": "y123987jdkl". HTTP/1.1 200 OK "status: "online", "type": "switch"}

Question 63
What are two use cases where webhooks are effective? (Choose two.)
A. Filter out information from a response to an API call.
B. Close a session with a web server after a specific amount of time.
C. Inform a previously defined chat channel after a deployment fails.
D. Send an email to a customer of an online store after payment is complete.
E. Change the response format or content type of an API call.

Question 64
In which two ways is an application characterized when interacting with a webhook? (Choose two.)
A. receiver
B. transaction monitor
C. codec
D. processor
E. listener

Question 65
How does requesting a synchronous API operation differ from requesting an asynchronous API operation?
A. clients receive responses with a task ID for further processing
B. clients subscribe to a webhook for operation results
C. clients poll for the status of the execution of operations
D. clients can access the results immediately

Question 66
DRAG DROP - Drag and drop the HTTP status codes from the left onto the correct descriptions on the right. Select and Place:
Image 200-901_66Q.png related to the Cisco 200-901 Exam
Image 200-901_66R.png related to the Cisco 200-901 Exam

Question 67
Which method should be used to safely store the API keys?
A. in an environment variable unique to the system database
B. encrypted in a configuration file that is separate from the code
C. plain text in the code as a constant
D. encrypted in the code in a function

Question 68
FILL BLANK - Fill in the blanks to complete the statement.
Image 200-901_68Q.png related to the Cisco 200-901 Exam
Image 200-901_68R.png related to the Cisco 200-901 Exam

Question 69
Refer to the exhibit. An administrator attempts to perform a GET using the Cisco IOS XE RESTCONF API to return the hostname of a device. The sequence diagram illustrates the HTTP messages observed. Which change to the API request resolves the issue?
Image 200-901_69Q.png related to the Cisco 200-901 Exam
A. Remove the -H ‘Accept: application/yang-data+json’ HTTP header because it is not required.
B. Use -u cisco: cisco instead of -u 'cisco: cisco'
C. Change the request method from -X “GET” to -X “POST”
D. Add Content-Type HTTP header with ‘application/yang-data+json’ using -H ‘Content-Type: application/yang-data+json’

Question 70
What are two benefits of managing network configuration via APIs? (Choose two.)
A. more security due to locking out manual device configuration
B. configuration on devices becomes less complex
C. eliminates the need of legacy management protocols like SNMP
D. reduction in network changes performed manually
E. increased scalability and consistency of network changes

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