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Cisco 200-901 Exam

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Question 41
Several teams at a company are developing a new CRM solution to track customer interactions with a goal of improving customer satisfaction and driving higher revenue. The proposed solution contains these components: * MySQL database that stores data about customers * HTML5 and JavaScript UI that runs on Apache * REST API written in Python What are two advantages of applying the MVC design pattern to the development of the solution? (Choose two.)
A. to enable multiple views of the same data to be presented to different groups of users
B. to provide separation between the view and the model by ensuring that all logic is separated out into the controller
C. to ensure data consistency, which requires that changes to the view are also made to the model
D. to ensure that only one instance of the data model can be created
E. to provide only a single view of the data to ensure consistency

Question 42
Refer to the exhibit. Which XML snippet has interface information that conforms to the YANG model?
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Question 43
What is a benefit of version control?
A. prevents two users from working on the same file
B. keeps track of all changes to the files
C. prevents the sharing of files
D. keeps the list of data types used in the files

Question 44
Refer to the exhibit. What does the command marked (2) do when it is run?
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A. It duplicates the "test" branch.
B. It deletes the "test" branch only if a new branch is created.
C. It deletes the "test" branch.
D. It does not delete the branch until it is merged.

Question 45
What is a comparison of YAML and JSON?
A. YAML has a more consistent approach to representing data compared to JSON.
B. JSON does not support comments and YAML does.
C. YAML is a more verbose data structure compared to JSON.
D. JSON has more common usage in configuration management tools compared to YAML.

Question 46
Which status code is used by a REST API to indicate that the submitted payload is incorrect?
A. 400
B. 403
C. 405
D. 429

Question 47
DRAG DROP - Refer to the exhibits. Drag and drop the code from the left onto the item numbers on the right to complete the Meraki Python script shown in the exhibit. Select and Place:
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Image 200-901_47R.png related to the Cisco 200-901 Exam

Question 48
An application calls a REST API and expects a result set of more than 550 records, but each time the call is made, only 25 are returned. Which feature limits the amount of data that is returned by the API?
A. pagination
B. payload limit
C. service timeouts
D. rate limiting

Question 49
A developer is writing an application that uses a REST API and the application requires a valid response from the API. Which element of the response is used in the conditional check?
A. body
B. headers
C. link
E. status code

Question 50
Refer to the exhibit. A REST API returns this JSON output for a GET HTTP request, which has been assigned to a variable called `vegetables`. Using Python, which output is the result of this command? print(filter(lambda 1: 1['type'] == 'fruit', vegetables) [0]['items'][0]['items'][0])
Image 200-901_50Q.png related to the Cisco 200-901 Exam
A. {'color': 'green', 'items': ['kiwi', 'grape']}
B. ['kiwi', 'grape']
C. lettuce
D. kiwi

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