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Cisco 200-901 Exam

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Question 131
Which type of HTTP method is used by the Meraki and Webex Teams APIs to send webhook notifications?

Question 132
Refer to the exhibit. The Cisco Meraki API manages two organizations. In each organization, two independent networks are defined. How many calls to the / organizations/{orgId}/networks endpoint will be run parallel by the GetAllNetworks function of the API client?
Image 200-901_132Q.png related to the Cisco 200-901 Exam
A. 0
B. 1
C. 2
D. 4

Question 133
Refer to the exhibit. The definition of the YANG module and a RESTCONF query sent to a Cisco IOS XE device is shown. Why does the RESTCONF interface respond with a 204 status code?
Image 200-901_133Q.png related to the Cisco 200-901 Exam
A. The query retrieved the logging severity level.
B. The query updated the logging severity level or created it if not present on the device.
C. The query failed at retrieving the logging severity level.
D. The query failed to set the logging severity level due to an invalid path.

Question 134
What is a requirement when authenticating a RESTCONF API session with a router that runs Cisco IOS XE Software?
A. No authentication is required.
B. OAuth must be used.
C. A token must be retrieved and the associated string must be embedded in the X-Auth-Token header.
D. Basic authentication must be used.

Question 135
Which API must an engineer use to change a netmask on a Cisco IOS XE device?
A. Meraki

Question 136
A developer creates a script that configured multiple Cisco IOS XE devices in a corporate infrastructure. The internal test environment is unavailable, and no maintenance window is available to test on a low-priority production environment. Which resource is used to test the code before it is applied to the production environment?
A. Code Exchange
B. Cisco Support
C. Cisco DevNet Learning Labs
D. Cisco DevNet Sandbox

Question 137
Which tool is used to block all traffic to the domain by using a single API call?
A. Cisco Firepower
B. Cisco AMP
C. Cisco Umbrella
D. Cisco ISE

Question 138
Why is refactoring done during test-driven development?
A. to enable larger objects and longer methods
B. to improve maintainability and readability
C. to ensure that the previous uses of the objects are explained
D. to ensure the duplication of essential code

Question 139
Refer to the exhibit. A network engineer must change the configuration on devices daily. The Python script must collect CLI arguments from the user, organize data according to the Cisco-IOS-XE-native YANG model, and utilize Cisco REST APIs to make the configuration. Which workflow is being automated by thePython script?
Image 200-901_139Q.png related to the Cisco 200-901 Exam
A. updating an existing route on the device
B. adding a new route to a device
C. including a route on the device and overwriting the current routes
D. deleting the route that is passed through the command-line variables

Question 140
Which platform is used to programmatically create a space and invite users for collaboration?
A. Cisco Intersight
B. Cisco Finesse
C. Cisco Webex
D. Cisco UCM

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