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Question 1
Which two concepts describe test-driven development? (Choose two.)
A. User acceptance testers develop the test requirements.
B. It enables code refactoring.
C. Tests are created when code is ready for release.
D. Implementation is driven by incremental testing of release candidates.
E. Write a test before writing code.

Question 2
Which task is performed because the test-driven development approach is being used?
A. creating test scenarios based on continuous development
B. writing code without committing any coding violations
C. refactoring code that is covered by existing tests
D. testing existing software before developing new code

Question 3
What is the first development task in test-driven development?
A. Write code that implements a desired function.
B. Write a failing test case for a desired function.
C. Reverse engineer the code for a desired function.
D. Write a passing test case for existing code.

Question 4
In test-driven development, what are two of the green bar patterns? (Choose two.)
A. another test
B. break
C. triangulate
D. starter test
E. fake it

Question 5
In the test-driven development model, what is changed after a test fails?
A. schedule
B. project requirements
C. code
D. test

Question 6
What is a benefit of test-driven development?
A. strict adherence to product requirements
B. faster releases that have minimal features
C. early customer involvement
D. increased code quality

Question 7
Which two statements describe the advantages of using a version control system? (Choose two.)
A. It allows for branching and merging so that different tasks are worked on in isolation before they are merged into a feature or master branch.
B. It provides tooling to automate application builds and infrastructure provisioning.
C. It allows multiple engineers to work against the same code and configuration files and manage differences and conflicts.
D. It provides a system to track User Stories and allocate to backlogs.
E. It allows developers to write effective unit tests.

Question 8
What are two advantages of version control software? (Choose two.)
A. It supports tracking and comparison of changes in binary format files.
B. It allows new team members to access the current code and history.
C. It supports comparisons between revisions of source code files.
D. It provides wiki collaboration software for documentation.
E. It allows old versions of packaged applications to be hosted on the Internet.

Question 9
Before which process is code review performed when version control is used?
A. checkout of code
B. merge of code
C. committing code
D. branching code

Question 10
What is an advantage of a version control system?
A. facilitates resolving conflicts when merging code
B. ensures that unit tests are written
C. prevents over-writing code or configuration files
D. forces the practice of trunk-based development

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