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Cisco 200-901 Exam

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Question 51
DRAG DROP - Drag and drop the Python code from the left onto the correct step on the right to call a REST API. Select and Place
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Question 52
A 401 HTTP response code is returned when calling a REST API. What is the error state identified by this response code?

Question 53
A developer is creating a script to interact with a REST API service which requires basic authentication. The credentials are "devnet:391665405" and the Base64 encoding of the credentials is "GV2bmV0dXNlcjpDaXNj=". Which payload and header combination must be used for authentication?

Question 54
A developer needs a list of clients connected to a specific device in a Meraki network. After making a REST API call, the developer receives an unfamiliar response code. Which Cisco DevNet resource should be used to identify the meaning of the response code?

Question 55
A developer is trying to retrieve data over a REST API. The API server responds with an HTTP client error response code. After investigating the response, the developer realizes the response has a Retry-After header. What is the root cause of this error?

Question 56
Refer to the exhibit. A developer needs to upload a local file by using the REST API. The developer gathers information according to the documentation and sends the request by using the cURL command in the exhibit but gets an error code. Which action should be followed to get a valid response?
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Question 57
DRAG DROP - Refer to the exhibit. Drag and drop the descriptors from the left onto the corresponding parts of the API request and response on the right. Select and Place:
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Question 58
Which action resolves a 401 error in response to an HTTP GET that is issued to retrieve a configuration statement using RESTCONF on a CSR 1000V?

Question 59
Refer to the exhibit. An API call is constructed to retrieve the inventory in XML format by using the API. The response to the call is 401 Unauthorized. Which two headers must be added to the API call? (Choose two.)
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Question 60
Which HTTP response status code means `Forbidden`?

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