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Cisco 200-901 Exam

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Question 31
Which two encoding formats do YANG interfaces support? (Choose two.)

Question 32
Refer to the exhibit. The JSON data in the exhibit has been parsed and stored into a variable `data`. What returns the value ``?
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Question 33
Refer to the exhibit. What does the Python function do?
Image 200-901_33Q.png related to the Cisco 200-901 Exam

Question 34
Package updates from a local server fail to download. However, the same updates work when a much slower external repository is used. Why are local updates failing?

Question 35
What is a functionality of the Waterfall method as compared to the Agile method for software development?

Question 36
What is a benefit of using functions in the code for the development process?

Question 37
What is the difference between YAML and JSON data structure?

Question 38
A developer is working on a feature for a new application. The changes in the existing branch named 'feat00304' must be integrated into a single commit with the current working primary branch named 'prodapp411926287'. Which git command must be used?

Question 39
A file that already exists in a local repository is updated. Which command must be executed to ensure that the changes in the file are included in the next Git commit?

Question 40
Into which type of Python data structure should common data formats be parsed?

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