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Cisco 200-901 Exam

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Question 251
Where is an IP packet routed if the packet does not match any routes in the routing table?

Question 252
Which two query types does a client make to a DNS server? (Choose two.)

Question 253
What are two functions of a routing table on a network device? (Choose two.)

Question 254
What does a load balancer distribute in a network environment?

Question 255
Refer to the exhibit.
Which Device limits traffic between Server 1 and Server 2?
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Question 256
What is the purpose of a MAC address on a network device?

Question 257
How are load balancers used in modern application deployments?

Question 258
Which protocol must be allowed on the firewall so that NTP services work properly?

Question 259
Which protocol runs over TCP port 22?

Question 260
What is the purpose of the first three pairs of digits in a MAC address?

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