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Cisco 200-301 Exam

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Question 61
Which two options are the best reasons to use an IPV4 private IP space? (Choose two.)

Question 62
Refer to the exhibit. When PC1 sends a packet to PC2, the packet has which source and destination IP address when it arrives at interface Gi0/0 on router R2?
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Question 63
What is the same for both copper and fiber interfaces when using SFP modules?

Question 64
What are two functions of a server on a network? (Choose two.)

Question 65
Which function is performed by the collapsed core layer in a two-tier architecture?

Question 66
What is the primary function of a Layer 3 device?

Question 67
Which two functions are performed by the core layer in a three-tier architecture? (Choose two.)

Question 68
What is a recommended approach to avoid co-channel congestion while installing access points that use the 2.4 GHz frequency?

Question 69
A manager asks a network engineer to advise which cloud service models are used so employees do not have to waste their time installing, managing, and updating software that is only used occasionally. Which cloud service model does the engineer recommend?

Question 70
What are two functions of a Layer 2 switch? (Choose two.)

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