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Cisco 200-301 Exam

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Question 251
Which technology prevents client devices from arbitrarily connecting to the network without state remediation?

Question 252
Which protocol does an access point use to draw power from a connected switch?

Question 253
An administrator must secure the WLC from receiving spoofed association requests. Which steps must be taken to configure the WLC to restrict the requests and force the user to wait 10 ms to retry an association request?

Question 254
Refer to the exhibit. Only four switches are participating in the VLAN spanning-tree process. Branch-1: priority 614440, Branch-2: priority 39391170, Branch-3: priority 0, Branch-4: root primary. Which switch becomes the permanent root bridge for VLAN 5?
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Question 255
An engineer must configure traffic for a VLAN that is untagged by the switch as it crosses a trunk link. Which command should be used?

Question 256
What are two benefits of using the PortFast feature? (Choose two.)

Question 257
What is the benefit of configuring PortFast on an interface?

Question 258
DRAG DROP - Drag and drop the functions of AAA supporting protocols from the left onto the protocols on the right. Select and Place:
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Question 259
Why does a switch flood a frame to all ports?

Question 260
An engineer configures interface Gi1/0 on the company PE router to connect to an ISP. Neighbor discovery is disabled. Which action is necessary to complete the configuration if the ISP uses third-party network devices?
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