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Cisco 200-301 Exam

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Question 11
When configuring IPv6 on an interface, which two IPv6 multicast groups are joined? (Choose two.)

Question 12
DRAG DROP -Refer to the exhibit. Drag and drop the networking parameters from the left onto the correct values on the right.Select and Place:
Image 200-301_12Q.png related to the Cisco 200-301 Exam
Image 200-301_12R.png related to the Cisco 200-301 Exam

Question 13
What is the default behavior of a Layer 2 switch when a frame with an unknown destination MAC address is received?

Question 14
An engineer must configure a /30 subnet between two routes. Which usable IP address and subnet mask combination meets this criteria?

Question 15
Which network allows devices to communicate without the need to access the Internet?

Question 16
Refer to the exhibit. Which statement explains the configuration error message that is received?
Image 200-301_16Q.png related to the Cisco 200-301 Exam

Question 17
Which IPv6 address type provides communication between subnets and cannot route on the Internet?

Question 18
Which IPv6 address block sends packets to a group address rather than a single address?

Question 19
What are two reasons that cause late collisions to increment on an Ethernet interface? (Choose two.)

Question 20
What is a benefit of using a Cisco Wireless LAN Controller?

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