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Cisco 200-301 Exam

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Question 161
Which two cable types must be used to connect an access point to the WLC when 2.5-Gbps and 5-Gbps upload speeds are required? (Choose two.)

Question 162
What is a benefit for external users who consume public cloud resources?

Question 163
An engineer must update the configuration on two PCs in two different subnets to communicate locally with each other. One PC is configured with IP address and the other with Which network mask must the engineer configure on both PCs to enable the communication?

Question 164
Which key function is provided by the data plane?

Question 165
When should an engineer implement a collapsed-core architecture?

Question 166
Refer to the exhibit. An engineer assigns IP addressing to the current VLAN with three PCs. The configuration must also account for the expansion of 30 additional VLANS using the same Class C subnet for subnetting and host count. Which command set fulfills the request while reserving address space for the expected growth?
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Question 167
A client experiences slow throughput from a server that is directly connected to the core switch in a data center. A network engineer finds minimal latency on connections to the server, but data transfers are unreliable, and the output of the show interfaces counters errors command shows a high FCS-Err count on the interface that is connected to the server. What is the cause of the throughput issue?

Question 168
What is the difference between 1000BASE-LX/LH and 1000BASE-ZX interfaces?

Question 169
What are two reasons to implement IPv4 private addressing on a network? (Choose two.)

Question 170
Which concern is addressed with the use of private IPv4 addressing?

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