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Cisco 200-201 Exam

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Question 71
Refer to the exhibit. What is occurring in this network traffic?
Image 200-201_71Q.jpg related to the Cisco 200-201 Exam
A. High rate of SYN packets being sent from a multiple source towards a single destination IP.
B. High rate of ACK packets being sent from a single source IP towards multiple destination IPs.
C. Flood of ACK packets coming from a single source IP to multiple destination IPs.
D. Flood of SYN packets coming from a single source IP to a single destination IP.

Question 72
An engineer needs to have visibility on TCP bandwidth usage, response time, and latency, combined with deep packet inspection to identify unknown software by its network traffic flow. Which two features of Cisco Application Visibility and Control should the engineer use to accomplish this goal? (Choose two.)
A. management and reporting
B. traffic filtering
C. adaptive AVC
D. metrics collection and exporting
E. application recognition

Question 73
Which security technology guarantees the integrity and authenticity of all messages transferred to and from a web application?
A. Hypertext Transfer Protocol
B. SSL Certificate
C. Tunneling

Question 74
An engineer is investigating a case of the unauthorized usage of the `Tcpdump` tool. The analysis revealed that a malicious insider attempted to sniff traffic on a specific interface. What type of information did the malicious insider attempt to obtain?
A. tagged protocols being used on the network
B. all firewall alerts and resulting mitigations
C. tagged ports being used on the network
D. all information and data within the datagram

Question 75
At a company party a guest asks questions about the company's user account format and password complexity. How is this type of conversation classified?
A. Phishing attack
B. Password Revelation Strategy
C. Piggybacking
D. Social Engineering

Question 76
Which security monitoring data type requires the largest storage space?
A. transaction data
B. statistical data
C. session data
D. full packet capture

Question 77
What are two denial of service attacks? (Choose two.)
B. TCP connections
C. ping of death
D. UDP flooding
E. code red

Question 78
An engineer needs to discover alive hosts within the range without triggering intrusive portscan alerts on the IDS device using Nmap. Which command will accomplish this goal?
A. nmap –top-ports
B. nmap -sP
C. nmap -sL
D. nmap -sV

Question 79
Which open-sourced packet capture tool uses Linux and Mac OS X operating systems?
A. NetScout
B. tcpdump
C. SolarWinds
D. netsh

Question 80
Refer to the exhibit. Which kind of attack method is depicted in this string?
Image 200-201_80Q.png related to the Cisco 200-201 Exam
A. cross-site scripting
B. man-in-the-middle
C. SQL injection
D. denial of service

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